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In our research, the Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is the top ranked ladies golf stand bag based on users’ product rating. You can view the ranking in this article.

The Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is a lightweight golf stand bag that looks pretty petite and yet, tough and rugged in the field.

We will go through each of the features to show you what this bag has to offer and provide you an educated impression before you buy it.

Bag Features – Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag


This bag has a 9.5” top opening with an 8-way divider including an oversized putter pit (some people use this slot for two gap wedges instead of the putter).

You can see from the image on the right side how the top is laid out and strategically divided for your clubs. Note that the dividers go through the full-length of the bag, so organizing your clubs is easier and more efficient – no more hassle of tangled club shafts!

In addition, some women prefer playing with men’s clubs. If you’re one of those ladies, be rest assured that the slots would easily fit men’s golf clubs so you don’t have to worry about this at all.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

8-Way Top Divider


The Ogio Featherlite has six (6) pockets in total, in which five (5) are zippered and one (1) is not. The non-zippered pocket can be used for your non-valuables or other golf accessories that need to be handy and easy to access.

This bag has a rainguard which you can find in the side pocket and as with other bags, the valuables pocket is fleece-lined for protection.

As you can see, the Featherlite Luxe has so many pockets available that you can use to store everything you need when you play golf.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

Handling The Bag

The bag material is made up of a combination of polyester and nylon. The weight of the bag is three (3) pounds and fourteen (14) ounces. It is incredibly light when empty so it is relatively easy to handle.

This golf bag is provided with a stand that you can spread out on the ground to keep the bag stable. The overall size when legs are spread out is 35” x 11” x 9.5”.

If you’re in the mood of carrying the bag, that is also possible as it features carry straps which are well padded and comfortable to use. You could make the straps longer or shorter to suit your preference as they are adjustable straps.

If you have a cart and would want to use it, the Featherlite Luxe would also fit pretty well in a golf cart.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Featherlite Luxe Strap

Style and Fashion

When it comes to style and fashion, the Featherlite is a sure winner. It’s got a lovely modern print that is not so striking and the combination of colors (the touch of mint green) makes it femininely fashionable.

It is almost certain that heads will turn when you arrive in the golf club with this bag with its style and overall appearance.

Users Comments and Reviews


  • “This bag is really lightweight, light as a feather on its own…”
  • “Love the color… not too girly but sure looks feminine…”
  • “Light and sturdy golf bag…”
  • “The number of pockets in this bag is pretty helpful in organizing my stuff…”
  • “This is an attractive golf bag, love it!”


  • “It was mentioned by a user that the legs would require a bit of pressure on the base trigger to open up, although they are not that difficult to operate…”

This is not actually too much of an issue but a good thing to take note of so there won’t be any surprises and you’ll know what to expect in this aspect of the golf bag.

Summary & Conclusion

The Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is a stylish-looking and attractive bag designed for women who loves golf and have that sense of fashion with them.

But the Featherlite is not only great on the side of fashion and beauty, it is also a very functional bag with its big 9.5” (8-way) top with full length dividers plus the number of pockets to store your other golf stuff.

Users love the color and overall presentation of the Featherlite and also the fact that the bag is incredibly lightweight and well-made.

With the Featherlite’s beautiful look, color, finishing, great design for your clubs and other golf gears’ organization and plus the high overall product rating, we definitely recommend that you check out this bag.

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If you’re a beginner and looking for the right set of tools to kick-start your golf journey, the ideal way is to have your own set of clubs. And if you combine that set of clubs with a golf bag, that would be perfect!

In this article, we will see how the Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set is just the perfect fit for what you need. We will look at all the things that are included in this golf bag plus golf cart combo to give you firsthand information about this product.

Product Description

From our research, based on user rating, this complete set from Cobra is the number one ranked golf cart set for women — you can see the ranking in this post.

This golf cart and golf club combo is a beginner set which is mostly tailored for those right-handed lady golfers with a mid to high level handicaps.

Let us start with the cart bag and then go through each of the clubs included in the package.

The Fly Z S Cart Bag

The Fly Z S complete set includes a full feature cart bag like the one shown on the right side.

The color combination of gray and blue perfectly suits the bag. It looks good on the eye and not as striking as some other colors do.

The top of the bag has very ample divisions for the number of clubs included in this package.  It has quite a number of pockets which is good for your other golfing accessories as well.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Cobra Women’s Fly Z S Golf Cart Bag Set

The Fly Z S Clubs

The Fly Z S club set is based on the Standard Fly Z product. The main difference is that the Fly Z S has a non-adjustable driver, fairway and hybrid. Regarding the clubs, this set comes with seven (7) pieces as listed below:

  • Driver – This is the number 1 club. You use this for teeing off as drivers are designed to hit the golf ball the farthest out of all the clubs. This is normally the one with the largest head and the longest shaft.
  • 5W (#5 Fairway Wood) – This is the club you used after your drive or tee-off.
  • 5H (#5 Hybrid) – Similar to 5W but with more control without sacrificing distance.
  • 7 – This is what you use when you’re approaching the green or when you’re playing out of trouble.
  • PW (Pitching Wedge) – For shots between fifteen (15) to sixty (60) yards, you would use a pitching wedge. This is to loft the golf ball into the air with a lot of elevation instead of like a line drive shot.
  • SW (Sand Wedge) – all golf course have sand traps, so the Sand Wedge (or SW) is the club that you’re going to use if you ever get trapped on the sand.
  • Blade putter – this is the club that you’ll use when you’re in the greens and putting the golf ball into the hole.

The combination of the clubs in this set is pretty good that it basically covers all the aspects of your game, from driving the golf ball up to when you’re putting in the greens.

The design of the clubs include the following technologies:

  • Forged E9 Zone Face
  • Back CG Weighting

The Cobra Forged E9 Zone Face gives you more distance as it removes weight from key areas across the face and hosel to increase the size and speed of the sweet spot giving you more distance even on off-center hits.

The Back CG Weighting makes this set of clubs very forgiving as well which means the design of the clubs lessen the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the ball.

As for the club covers, this set includes club covers for the woods (not the irons) which is pretty normal in most cases.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Cobra Women’s Fly Z S Golf Clubs

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Cobra Fly Z S Golf Club 1 (Driver)

Users Comments and Reviews

This golf cart set has a very high product rating from users (5 stars) and we have listed below the things that they are saying about this product: 

  • “The clubs from Cobra are high quality and they are amazing… I love them!”
  • “The bag is really nice, the whole club set is nice as well…”
  • “The distance is really stronger with the clubs, the direction is better as well…”
  • This is an awesome starter set…”
  • “The price is great for this amazing set!” 

Users are common in saying that the clubs are really great and the whole set, including the bag, is absolutely nice.

Some users also mentioned that the clubs are comparably better (in terms of feel, distance and forgiveness) than other brands that they have used in the past.

Summary & Conclusion

The Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Golf Cart set combines great feel, forgiveness and distance with the clubs included.

The cart bag is very functional and looks nice. With all the clubs included in this combo package, you will definitely enjoy your rounds of golf.

From teeing off to putting the golf ball into the hole, you’re completely covered with the various clubs in this set.

With the amazing user feedback and high product rating, we highly recommend this golf cart set from Cobra.

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If you are looking for a women’s golf bag that provides a lot of functionality and yet has that great look and appeal, the Ogio Majestic Golf Cart bag is the perfect bag for you.

Let us look more closely into what this lady cart bag has to offer so you’ll see why we said that this bag is truly a combination of beauty and functionality.

Let us look at the bag’s features first and then we’ll look at the beauty side of it in the latter part of this article.

Bag Features – Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag


This bag has a big 10-inch, 15-way divider top opening with a putter pit that is constructed to fit even those oversized grips.

The individual dividers for each club are constructed in such a way that they go down far enough so it does not come out with the club.

Separation and protection for your club is super easy using this bag. Even if you have a full set of clubs, there’s plenty of room for everything.

No more loose clubs as every club would have a home – organizing your clubs has never been easier with this cart bag!

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

15-Way Top Divider

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP)


The total available pockets for the Ogio Majestic is eight (8) in which seven (7) are zippered. The other pocket that is not zippered is the ball pocket.

The Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP) features a spring technology so you can reach in and grab a ball quickly and easily.

There are other pockets available for the following as well:

  • Internal isolation chamber wet/dry pocket
  • Insulated zippered cooler pocket
  • Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket for your sensitive stuff
  • Pen sleeve and divot tool sleeve (keeps your small items from getting lost)

Another good thing about the pockets on this bag is that all of them are front-facing which makes them easily accessible while the bag is on cart. With the number of pockets available, the Majestic Cart Bag offers plenty of room for all your golfing gear and essentials.


When it comes to handling, this bag is also pretty easy. As the bottom part is provided with cart strap channels, you can securely strap the bag onto the golf cart.

An ingenious style that users like about the cart strap is that it goes under the pockets which make a nice and tidy setup.

The bag is not that heavy, about 5.9 pounds, so if you prefer to carry the bag, it is also possible and comfortable with the deluxe padded shoulder strap.

On the cart or on your shoulder, either way, you can show off your style in the field with this great-looking bag.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Bottom Part Cart Strap

Style and Fashion

The Majestic Golf Cart bag is beautifully designed with classic lines and touches of the OGIO elegance. It is curvaceous and sleek with an attractive and fashionable color which makes it stand out and noticeable from other bags.

Users Comments and Reviews


Users love the following aspects of the Ogio Majestic cart bag:

  • Lots of pockets and compartments – great to arrange all golf gears and other personal stuff
  • The 15-way top makes it easy to organize clubs
  • The Zipperless (easy access) ball pocket is pretty convenient
  • Beautiful colors – Users love the various colors
  • Easy to pick-up for older ladies
  • Easy to distinguish from other bags


  • Some users say that the two valuables pockets are a bit small in size
  • Only one ring available for the towel

Although there are some users that mentioned some things they didn’t like about this bag, the overall user rating of the Majestic cart bag is indeed very high which means most users find this bag absolutely great.

Summary & Conclusion

The Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag is a gorgeous-looking bag with a stylish and sleek appearance. The charming color also adds to its beauty and overall presentation.

With the big 15-way top divider and the eight (8) pockets available, organizing your club and other golf essentials is made easy by the Ogio Majestic Golf Cart bag. There will always be room for everything with this bag.

With all the awesome features of this cart bag together with the eye-catching aesthetics, it is ideal for lady golfers who prefer a combination of function and stylish fashion – we highly recommend you check it out if you’re planning to buy one.

Now, we have found two (2) offers for this bag in Amazon and we are providing you with the one who has the cheaper price. CLICK HERE to check out that offer.

Just in case you don’t prefer the Ogio brand for whatever reason, you can check out our article about the other popular ladies golf bags. You might find some golf bags there that would suit your preference.

If you’re searching for gorgeous and well-designed ladies golf bags, look no further as we have outlined in this article the popular brands that most golfers used out there so you can have something to reference to.

There are lots of ladies golf bags on sale online but we will try and line up the various models that were (and being) sold in Amazon.

We will also provide you a review of each brand and models as we go along.

Which Ladies Golf Bags Brand Is The Most Popular?

When it comes to golf bags that women are fond of, there are different brands that share the market in the golfing world.

There are, however, some brands that make up the higher share of sales and we will list the most popular ones in here.

But before we go any further, it is important to note that there are three types of golf bags lady golfers are buying, they are:

  • Cart Golf Bags
  • Cart – Golf Set (with golf clubs included)
  • Golf Stand Bags (golf bags with stand)

So we will try to focus and set our discussion based on each type of bags.

Ladies Cart Golf Bags – Popular Brands

Based on our research, the following brands sold more cart golf bag models compare to other trademarks:

1. Callaway (43.71%)

2. Sun Mountain (32.93%)

3. Ogio (11.98%)

4. Cobra (8.38%)

5. TaylorMade (3%)

With almost 44% share of the market, Callaway tops our list for ladies cart golf bags sold. Sun Mountain is in second (2nd) place with more or less 33% share.

Ogio, Cobra and TaylorMade made up the other three (3) in our Top 5 list. Ping and Titleist came up short and didn’t make it into our list.

Talking about the particular models for this type of bag, we would have the seven (7) top bags occupying our list.

These cart golf bags are ranked based on user product rating and number of units sold (with a minimum of five (5) people). They are:

1. Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

2. Sun Mountain 2017 Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag

3. Sun Mountain 2017 Women’s S-1 Cart Golf Bag

4. Cobra 2017 Ladies UL Golf Bag

5. Ogio Golf 2017 Duchess Cart Bag

6. Callaway 2017 Chev Cart Golf Bag

7. TaylorMade Kalea Cart Bag

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag Review

It is interesting to note that even though Callaway has the biggest share of the market, it is not the highest in our ranking list!

Ladies Cart – Golf Set Bags – Popular Brands

When it comes to cart golf set bags, we only have the list of the Top 3 brands, as below:

1. Callaway (97.82%)

2. Cobra (1.70%)

3. Cleveland Golf (0.48%)

Callaway is the runaway winner with almost 98% share of the market. Cobra and Cleveland Golf covered the other spots which made up the other 2% share.

Our Top 5 ranking for the specific model in this category are listed below:

1. 2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set

2. Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Complete Golf Set With Bag (13 Piece)

3. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

4. Callaway Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Complete Set

5. Callaway Strata Plus Women’s Complete 14-Piece Set

Cobra Fly Z S Complete Set

2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set

With the 98% market share, it is expected that various Callaway models would occupy our Top 5 list for the Cart – Golf Set category — which indeed is true!

The top spot however is occupied by the 2017 Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set from Cobra.

Ladies Golf Bags With Stand – Popular Brands

For ladies golf bags with stand, Callaway still leads the pack with a little less than 63% of sales followed by Ping and Ogio. Cobra and Sun Mountain rounded up the Top 5 in this type of golf bag.

1. Callaway (62.16%)

2. Ping (15.33%)

3. Ogio (14.41%)

4. Cobra (4.5%)

5. Sun Mountain (3.6%)

For the individual models that make up our Top (5) list in this category:

1. Ogio Golf 2017 Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

2. Callaway Women’s Strata (Bundle)

3. Cobra 2017 Ultralite Golf Bag

4. Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag (2016)

5. Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

Ogio Golf 2017 Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

In this category, the Ogio Golf 2017 Featherlite is in the top spot while the Callaway Women’s Strata is at second (2nd) place. The 3rd and 4th spots are taken by Cobra 2017 Ultralite and Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag, respectively, while another Callaway model, Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, occupies the 5th spot.

Summary & Conclusion

Looking at the ranking list of the three (3) types of golf bags for women, you could see that Callaway has a very big share of the market, particularly on the Cart – Golf Set category.

This doesn’t necessarily mean though that the bag on the top of the list for each type would be a Callaway brand as the overall product rating of the other brands in the list is higher than that of the Callaway models.

In this sense, we have provided you a list of the top models in each bag type to give you an overview of which models are actually being purchased by lady golfers out there.

We will dig more into each type of bags and the various models in each category in the next articles that will follow. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on which women’s golf bags to look at if you’re thinking of buying yourself one.

In our research to bring you the lightest golf cart bags, we have come up with the table below to showcase the various golf cart models and ranked according to weight. If both models have the same weight, then they will be ranked according to price.

If you are looking for high quality yet lightweight golf cart bags, the table below provides you a quick comparative analysis between different models. In such case, you will have a pretty good idea of what each golf bag has to offer.

Before we present you the listing, we just want to point out some very important things you need to take note of:

  • The price of the golf cart bags do not include whatever discount the merchant is running on their site. For example, InTheHoleGolf, sometimes have 15% discount for orders above $125 and free shipping (Continental US Only) for orders over $75 so you have to consider these points when looking at the price on the listing we provided.
  • We make it a point to list down the price accordingly, however, the price on the merchant’s site changes from time to time so their price is the final price.
  • The table can be sorted by any column you like by pressing the up/down arrow buttons which means you can sort by price to find the cheapest cart bag.
  • The table can also be filtered based on brand if you like to compare bags of the same brand by typing in a brand name in the search box.
  • The column “Best Price” was derived from comparing the prices from three (3) different popular merchants (i.e. InTheHoleGolf, EdwinWattsGolf & Amazon)


Now that the introduction and pleasantries are done, here are the top twenty (20) golf cart bags (based on weight) that we could find.

Weight, lbs.
Summary of Features
Wilson Hope Lite Cart Golf Bag
Wilson Hope Lite Cart Bag* Made of Nylon material
* The top is quite spacious @ 7.5" x 9.5", complete with 8 dividers
* Has a durable and functional tube construction (diamond polyester fabric)
* Has 5 pockets for any player's storage needs (i.e. two (2) large side pockets, 1 velour pocket with a water resistant zipper for valuables and 2 large bottom pockets with boot handle)
* Comfortable padded shoulder straps
* Umbrella holder
* Towel ring/glove holder
* Rain hood
* Embroidery pocket
Callaway Chev Cart Bag
2015 Callaway Chev Cart Bag* Has a 10" Top, 14-Way Club Organization System with full length club dividers
* With eight (8) Pockets including: Water Resistant, Velour-lined Valuables Pocket with Key Fob 2 Full Length Apparel Pockets Full Size Ball Pocket 2 Accessories Pockets
* Molded Strap Bite Patch Secures Cart Strap to Bag
* The E-Trolley Base System allows this bag to fit perfectly with most push carts or pull carts
Mizuno Aerolite Cart Bag
Mizuno Aerolite Cart Bag* Has a 14-Way Divider Top Cuff for a full set of clubs (with full length dividers)
* Shower Cap: Waterproof rainhood
* Chiller Pouch: Insulated pocket that keeps drinks chilled
* Pelican Pocket: Forward opening, large mouth zip closure pocket
* Glove Grip: Velcro patch for glove attachment between shots
* Has a rangefinder pouch that is forward facing and soft lined
Mizuno Eight50 Cart Bag
Mizuno Eight50 Cart Bag* Has a lightweight stay construction
* Has a 9.5" four-way supersized divider for easy club access and retrieval
* Has 8 zippered pockets including two (2) valuable pockets
* Waterproof rain hood
Datrek CB-Lite Cart Bag
Datrek CB-Lite Cart Bag* Has a 14-way organizer top with full-length individual dividers
* Has a rubber molded putter well integrated into the bag top
* Has seven (7) total pockets including two large apparel pockets and a velour lined valuables pocket
* Two handles are molded into the bag top for
* Has an oversized ball pocket and side mesh pocket
* Insulated beverage sleeve; Cart strap loop; Pen holder and divot tool holder
* IDS patch and Velcro glove holder; Umbrella holder; rainhood
Datrek Lite Rider Cart Bag
Datrek Lite Rider Cart Bag* Has a 14-way organizer top with full-length individual dividers
* Has a soft-grip oversized putter well integrated into organizer top
* With an over-molded soft-grip lift assist handles that offers carrying convenience
* Has 7 total pockets including a large ball pocket and fleece lined valuables pocket
* Has an oversized insulated cooler pocket
* Cart strap loop
* The bag bottom has rubberized feet for better stability
* Has 2 large apparel pockets
* Tee holder; pen holder and towel ring; IDS patch
* Velcro glove holder; Umbrella holder; Rainhood
2015 Ogio Cirrus Cart Bag
2015 Ogio Cirrus Cart Bag* Has a 14-way Diamond UltraLite Performance cart top with integrated handles
* Has 9 zippered pockets including a weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve
* Has a detachable pocket panel for embroidery or logo application
Callaway ORG.14 Cart Bag
Callaway Org.14 2015 Cart Bag* Features a functional and durable construction
* Has 12 pockets, including two full length apparel pockets, a water resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket, full-size ball pocket, thermal lined Cooler pocket, rangefinder/GPS pocket, 4 accessory pockets and 2 mesh utility pockets.
* Has a 10.5”, 14-Way top with 2 integrated molded handles
* Comfort Tech™ single strap system for easy lifting and allows for easy and comfortable club transport
* Got an E-Trolley base system which is compatible with many pull carts
2014 Ogio Aquatech Cart Bag
Ogio Aquatech Cart Bag* Has a 14-way Diamond Performance Top
* Has a custom fit waterproof rain hood
* Lightweight waterproof fabric
* Has a Waterproof fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve
* Thermo welded waterproof pockets
Callaway Org 14L Cart Bag
Callaway Org14L Cart Bag* This bag features a functional and durable construction and has all the bells and whistles of a full-featured staff bag.
* Has 12 pockets, including two full length apparel pockets, a water resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket, full-size ball pocket, thermal lined Cooler pocket, rangefinder/GPS pocket, 4 accessory pockets and 2 mesh utility pockets.
* 10.5”, 14-Way top with 2 integrated molded handles and Comfort Tech™ single strap system for easy lifting and allows for easy and comfortable club transport.
* E-Trolley base system which is compatible with many pull carts.
Wilson Staff Nexus Cart Bag
Wilson Staff Nexus Cart Bag* Has ten (10) sections with fourteen S-Lock™ placeholders and full-length dividers for club organization
* Nine pockets for accessibility of belongings: two large garments, two velour external, two large external, two front accessories, one large insulated
* Top pass-through strap for securing onto cart or trolley
* Has a front putter well for easy access (fits oversized grips)
* Has an external tee, pen and divot tool sleeves for easy retrieval
* Has two umbrella holders, Velcro glove patch, large towel ring and rain hood
Naples Bay
Naples Bay CTS001 Golf Cart Bag
Naples Bay CTS001 Golf Cart Bag* Ultra-light Cart Bag with Stay Construction
* Has cooler, valuables & garment Pockets
* Has a 14-way full length dividers
* Jumbo inside putter holder
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Golf Cart Bag
2015 Sun Mountain H2NO* Has seven pockets and a 10", 15-way top with individual, full-length dividers
* Has a dedicated putter compartment.
* Constructed with waterproof fabrics, high-quality YKK waterproof zippers and taped seams
* Has 2 full-length clothing pockets, a velour-lined valuables pocket and multiple accessory pockets
* All pockets are forward-facing and accessible while bag is on a cart
* Matching rainhood
Nike M9 II Cart Bag
Nike M9 II Cart Bag* Has a 14-way, individual full-length divider system with dual function
* An easy-access cart strap locking system with integrated easy-grip handles
* Has 9 total pockets -- all forward-facing including a quick-access zip pocket with cell phone mold and integrated tee holder
* Fleece-lined valuables/sunglasses pocket; Insulated cooler pocket
* Dual full-length apparel pockets
* Matching rain hood
Ogio Giza Cart Bag
2014 Ogio Giza Cart Bag* Has a 10" United 15-way cart top for easy storage
* Has an oversized side putter pit
* Has seven (7) zippered pockets with fleece-lined valuables pocket
* Insulated zippered cooler pocket
Ping Traverse II Cart Bag
Ping Traverse II Cart Bag* Made of durable polyester
* Has a 9.5" 14-way top and an injection molded putter well for optimal organization.
* Has an integrated cart-strap channel, easy-lift trunk handle, and cart handles which makes it perfect for riding or pull cart use.
* Has ten (10) ten pockets (7 zippered, 3 slip) including two large apparel pockets, insulated beverage pocket, and range-finder pocket.
TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag
TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag* Has a 15-Way Top (10"x12") with an oversized integrated putter well and crush-resistant construction.
* Has an integrated water resistant umbrella slot, along with 4 full length dividers for easier use.
* Has a total of ten (10) pockets featuring: 2 Velour-lined valuables pockets, 2 Garment pockets with double zippers, 3 Accessories pockets, Rangefinder pocket, Cooler pocket, Ball and tee pockets
Sun Mountain
2015 Sun Mountain Phantom Golf Cart Bag
Sun Mountain Phantom Golf Cart Bag* Has a 15-way top with individual, full-length dividers protects and organizes clubs
* Has two integrated handles and a dedicated putter compartment molded into the top
* All pockets are front-facing so they are accessible when the bag is on a cart and the top has two integrated lift-assist handles for lifting the bag on and off the cart.
* Has E-Z Grip zipper pulls
* Rainhood
Mizuno Kuma Cart Bag
Mizuno Kuma Cart Bag* Has a 14-Way Divider Top W/ 3 full length dividers
* Has an insulated pocket that keeps drinks chilled
* Forward opening, large mouth zip closure pocket
* Velcro patch for glove attachment between shots
* Forward facing, soft lined rangefinder pocket
* Affixed Mizuno Branded gunmetal bottle opener
Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag
Titleist Lightweight 2015 Cart Bag* Has a 14-Way Club Dividers, Boxed, Full-Length. 3-Tone, Mesh Padded Top-Cuff and Dividers. Integrated putter well.
* Has a fully padded 2-point sling with velour underside
* Has a matching zippered rainhood and brushed nickel towel ring
* Has a molded handle for comfort while carrying short distances
* Has a dry grip bottom with lower assist handle. Rubber Feet Overlay Bottom.
* Has 10 Zippered Pockets, all accessible from cart. 2 Full Size Apparel Pockets and 2 Large Velour-Lined Zippered Accessory Pockets. Large, insulated Beverage Pocket and additional Ball Pocket. Coal-Chute Ball Pocket. Zippered Strap Sleeve. Pen Holder. Umbrella Sleeve with Bottom Grommet.
2014 Ogio Pisa Cart Bag
2014 Ogio Pisa Cart Bag* Has a 15-way trolley specfic holster performance cart top with integrated front handle and oversized side putter pit
* Has a ZBPT (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
* Has a total of nine (9) pockets (8 zippered)
* Has a detachable front pocket panel for embroidery/logo application
* Pen sleeve and divot tool sleeve
Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag
Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag* Has an 11", 15-Way Divider Club Organization System with Integrated Molded Handle
* Has 15 Pockets, including:
2 Velour-Lined Valuables Pockets
2 Full Length Apparel Pockets
Ball Pocket
Rangefinder/GPS Pocket
Thermal-Lined Cooler Pocket
6 Accessories Pockets
2 Mesh Utility Pockets
* Has a Cart Strap Tunnel keeps your bag secure on cart
* E-Trolley Base System integrates with many push carts
* Pen holder
Ogio Chamber Cart Bag
2014 Ogio Chamber Cart Bag 14-way Diamond Performance cart top with advanced Silencer™ club protection membrane and integrated handles
• ZBP™ (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
• RPP™ (Red Protection Pocket) crush resistant molded EVA armored pocket
• TORQ™ Strap
• Cart strap channel
• 10 pockets (9 zippered)
• Insulated zippered cooler pocket
• Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain Sync Golf Cart Bag
2015 Sun Mountain Sync Golf Cart Bag* Has a 15-way top with individual full-length dividers
* Has an integrated putter compartment
* All pockets are forward facing and accessible when the bag is on a cart
* Works well on riding carts
* Has Two utility handles molded into the top for handling
* Has nine (9) pockets including two full-length clothing pockets, a beverage pocket and two velour-lined valuables pockets, one sized for a range finder
* Has cart bumpers for added durability
* Includes coordinating rainhood
Ogio Press Golf Cart Bag
Ogio Press Golf Cart Bag* Has an 8-way Top
* Has integrated lift handles
* Has nine (9) pockets including a fleece lined valuables pocket
Wilson Staff Cart Plus Cart Bag
Wilson Staff Cart Plus Cart Bag* Has a (14) fourteen-way top with full-length dividers for club organization
* Has rubber lift handles for easy mounting
* Has seven pockets for accessibility of belongings: two large garments, two external, one ball/accessories, one range finder, one large insulated
* Has an external front putter well for easy access (fits oversized grips)
* Has (2) two umbrella holders, Velcro glove patch, large towel ring and rain hood
* Top dimensions: 10" deep x 9" wide
Nike Sport Cart Bag
Nike Sport III Golf Cart Bag* Has a 9.5" oval, (14) fourteen-way, dual-sided top for convenience
* Fleece-lined pocket to keep valuables secure and protected
* Dual, full-length apparel pockets for versatile storage
* Insulated cooler pockets and quick-access GPS pocket for convenience
* Integrated pencil/pen sleeve and glove patch to keep gear close at hand
* Matching rain hood included

The Ogio Nimbus Golf stand bag is one of the lightweight golf stand bags with a weight of 3.6 pounds.

Read along as we lay out and review the features for this lightweight golf bag from Ogio.

Product Description

The Nimbus is one of the lightweight golf bags manufactured by Ogio.

It is incorporated with stylish features and is made of ultra-lightweight material which makes it very suitable for golfers who prefer walking through the golf course.

With a seven-way top, side putter pit and full-length dividers, organizing your clubs is pretty easy with this bag.

Product Specification

Following are the key features of the Ogio Nimbus golf stand bag:

  • Has a wide 9″ 7-way performance top with side putter pit and integrated handle
  • Has a four-point harness shoulder strap which makes for a comfortable carry-on bag
  • Has six (6) zippered pockets for added security on your valuables and accessories
  • Has an insulated water bottle holster that is accessible while you’re walking through the golf course
  • Has a weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket to protect your things from the elements
  • It weighs about 3.6 lbs.

Ogio Nimbus Golf Stand Bag

Ogio Nimbus Golf Stand Bag

What Do Users Say About The Ogio Nimbus?

  • A nice lightweight carry bag
  • Plenty of room for balls, rangefinder, umbrella and other accessories
  • Golf clubs go in and out easily
  • Putter well fits an oversize putter grip easily
  • The club divider setup on this bag is really great
  • Has a great combination of features and is really light
  • A user commented that the straps feel like they are slipping off the shoulders and there is no adjustment to pull the shoulder straps together

Summary & Conclusion

The Ogio Nimbus seems to be in the lower end of golfers’ preference with a 6.45% of the market.

The average user rating for this bag is less than 4 stars (with a high of 5 and a low of 3). It seems to be a nice looking golf bag with some excellent features, however, it is not that popular for golfers.

It’s up to you if you want to buy this golf bag but basing on the not so high popularity and the average user rating, we reckon that it is not a highly recommended golf bag.

If you still want to buy this bag, click on the image below!

Ogio Nimbus Golf Stand Bag

There are actually two bags from Ping that is on our list of lightweight golf bags, the other one being the Ping 4 Series, but the Ping L8 model, based on sales, is much more popular than its counterpart.

We shall look at and review the Ping L8 golf bag in this article to let you know what this bag would offer should you wish to buy it.

Product Description

Ping 2014 L8The Ping L8 golf stand bag is one of the various lightweight golf bag models manufactured by Ping.

It is designed to be rugged yet light so golfers who prefer to walk the golf course could carry it through comfortably.

Based on our article regarding the top lightweight golf bags, the Ping L8 Golf stand bag currently occupies 11th place on the weight category. It is however ranked 4th on the popularity side as it is being bought online by 12.9% of golfers.

This bag is available in seven (7) different color combinations: Black, Black/Denim/Ember, Carbon/Black/Leaderboard Lime, Carbon/Black/Mach Blue, Charcoal/Red/Black, Charcoal/Leaderboard Lime/Black and Electric Blue/Black/Leaderboard Lime.

Product Specification

Key features of the Ping L8 golf stand bag are as follows:

  • Has a 4-way reinforced top with 2 full-length dividersPing 2014 L8 1
  • Has an 8.5” top size
  • Weighs approximately 4 lbs.
  • Has 2 sliding shoulder pads with adjustable straps to suit your preference
  • Has a strap slider to enable backpack-style comfort when you carry it
  • Has Three (3) pockets (apparel, ball and water bottle)
  • Has a wide 24-inch leg span for better and improved stability
  • The apparel pocket is customizable
  • The bag material is a rugged 600 denier polyester making it durable yet lightweight
  • Has a hi-viz Red interior key clip
  • Has 2 interior mesh slip pockets that you can use for your extra golf accessories

What Do Users Say About The Ping L8 Golf Stand Bag?

Below are some user comments regarding the Ping L8 bag:

  • It is a great lightweight bag
  • It is an awesome bag that is very light and compact
  • It has plenty of room
  • Suitable to be an everyday bag
  • It is a fantastic bag walking through the course
  • The other color combination (besides black) really stands out

Summary & Conclusion

Considering the great features and positive user comments (5 stars), it is not surprising at all that the Ping L8 golf stand bag is quite popular.

With 12.9% of golfers buying it online, it has a fair share of the market which proves it’s one of the top lightweight golf bags available and preferred by golfers.

If you are looking to buy a lightweight golf bag, this model from Ping is one of the highly recommended ones. Click here to buy the Ping L8 Golf Stand Bag!

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