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As promised in our previous article about golf gloves, we have researched for you the Top 4 best and most popular golf gloves for men that were purchased and being purchased by golfers.

We have provided this ranking list for you so that you’ll have a pretty easy time choosing which golf glove to buy from amongst the multitude of gloves available in the market.

A quick snap shot of this list will already give you a very good idea of which golf glove to go for.

The ranking is based on the product rating (not less than 4.5 out of 5), the number of reviews (greater than 10) and, of course, overall user evaluation.

All of these golf gloves have high product rating with the lowest ranked product still having a rating of 4.6. So you won’t go wrong with any one of these highly rated golf gloves.

But before we go and review each of the golf gloves in this listing, we will give you a tabulated summary of our ranking list as an overview.

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

Rank #1

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

Bionic Mens StableGrip Golf Glove

The table below summarizes the ranking we have for you. We’ll go through each of the product’s description and review on the next section.

#of Reviews
Product Page
FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove
Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Comfort, Durable Golf Gloves, Value 6 Pack
Bionic Gloves - Men's StableGrip Golf Glove w/ Patented Natural Fit Technology
New Improved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove

So that’s our Top golf gloves for men. Let’s roll with the review then, shall we? Let us start with the lowest ranked golf glove first.

Product Review – Top Golf Gloves For Men

Rank 4:

Placing fourth (4th) is the New Improved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove.

The more than a hundres (110) users’ average rating for this glove is also 4.4.

Product Features:

  • With breathable, dual PowerNet mesh inserts
  • Made from premium Cabretta leather thumb and palm patch
  • Has FiberSof palm and back for consistent and comfortable fit
  • Has a small, detachable ball marker

What Do Users Say About The New Improved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove?

  • Great fit and durable…”
  • “Last longer than other brands…”
  • “…An excellent buy…”
  • “Nice and comfortable glove…”
  • “…Love the padded palm…”
  • “…Very grippy…”
  • “…Easy to get on and off…”
  • “Great glove for a great price…”
  • “…The gloves fit and wear well…”

Users are common in saying that this glove from FootJoy is amazing and a great buy – no need to add anything with that.

THIS LINK will take you to the product page in Amazon.

New Improved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove

New Improved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove

New Imprved FootJoy WeatherSof Mens Golf Glove

Rank 3:

The third in our ranking for men’s golf gloves is the Bionic Gloves – Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove W/ Patented Natural Fit Technology.

This product is rated highly at 5 stars by twelve (12) verified buyers.

Product Features – Bionic Gloves Men’s Stable Grip

  • With Natural Fit Technology that helps improve your grip
  • Provides superior grip, comfort and durability with every swing due to the 3D finger pads and the tapered finger design
  • The anatomical pad design also helps prevent fatigue giving you full control the whole round
  • Has an additional pad on the palm for extra support and longer life
  • Acts as a second skin so say goodbye to baggy fingers and constant re-adjusting of your wrist strap.
Bionic Gloves - Men

Bionic Gloves – Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove With Patented Natural Fit Technology

Bionic Gloves - Men
  • Provided with Lycra between the finger gussets, top of knuckles and running up the pointer finger offers maximum breathability and flexibility during hot or humid weather
  • Interior has Terrycloth on high risk areas so moisture is managed strategically without losing grip
  • Machine washable (setting is on delicate cycle with mild soap only and no bleach)

To learn more about the product features, watch the video on the right.

What Do Users Say About The Bionic Gloves Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove?

As you can see from the table summary above, this glove has a perfect product rating of five (5) stars from all the users so expect predominantly good feedback.

  • “Great glove with a very good grip…”
  • “…This glove holds up better than any other…”
  • “…will last longer and gives you the best grip for any glove…”
  • “…Awesome product…”
  • “…Love the feel and fit of these gloves…”
  • “The padding on each finger and in the upper palm help align the club grip the same way each time…”

This golf glove from Bionic has excellent feedback from ecstatic users which could only mean one thing – this golf glove is really AWESOME!

Check it out here in Amazon for a great price and any available DISCOUNT!

Bionic Gloves - Men

Rank 2:

With an overall product rating of 4.7 from  more than 340 users, our 2nd ranked product is the Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot-Wet Weather Comfort, Durable Golf Gloves, Value 6 Pack.

This golf glove from FingerTen has very good and exciting features that users love.

The extra value and savings provided by it being a six (6) pack is also a positive factor for buyers.

Product Features – Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip

  • QuikDry knit palm material along with the high-quality 3D performance mesh
  • Very lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Applicable to hot, wet or rainy weather conditions
  • All glove sizes conform with USA regular sizes (sizes are also similar to FootJoy’s or Callaway’s)
Finger Ten Mens RainGrip Golf Glove

 Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Golf Glove, 6 Pack

Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Golf Gloves, 6 Pack

The combination of the glove’s material and the 3D high-performance mesh solves your sweat and moisture wicking problems.

It also ensures comfort, control and outstanding grip even in wet or humid conditions – no slip at all!

The light weight material and flexibility also gives you that perfect fit and enables you to have that great feel between your hand and the golf club.

The 6-pack combo gives you extra value as well as you save more than $10 for buying six at once instead of buying each glove by piece each time.

What Do Users Say About The New Finger Ten Mens RainGrip Golf Gloves Value Pack?


Reading through the user comments, we reckon it’s better to group what they have to say based on different things: durability and quality, comfort and fit, feel and grip, application (whether hot, wet, humid or rainy) and value. So here goes:

Durability & Quality:

  • The durability of this glove is incredible! I used it playing golf for 2-3 times per week for four (4) months and hitting balls several times per week and still wear the same glove.
  • Performs far superior than the other gloves I’ve used in hot conditions where I sweat more than usual.
  • The quality of this glove is comparable to that of FootJoy’s but the durability is better!
  • The quality of this product has drastically improved compared to two years ago.
  • This glove is far superior to the FootJoy rain glove. After over twenty rounds, there is virtually no wear on the glove.
  • The pliability of this glove remains as brand new even for almost two months in the hot desert climate of Phoenix and through the monsoon period.
  • Used the same glove for over 20 games in a hot and sticky weather and the same glove still shows like new!
  • Because of the breathability of the material, you can put it in your bag wet without it drying and cracking.
  • The gloves don’t wear down like other brands do and they stay dry
  • They last a good long while
  • The glove I wear shows no signs of wear after close to 50 rounds of 18 holes. Leather gloves don’t last even half this life. They are also good in the rain.
  • Played 20 rounds with this glove and there’s no mark on it. Comfortable in cold-ish weather. Works well when wet. I go through a lot of gloves in a season but not with this one.
Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Golf Gloves, 6 Pack


  • Ok to use in the hot Southern California, even 3 to 4 times a week.
  • The gloves perform very well in hot weather and also in rainy condition.
  • Tried all the big boys’ gloves (leather, synthetic or synthetic all weather) but couldn’t keep a dry glove in hot weather, even using up to 8 gloves. The all-weather I’ve used ended up tearing at a seam within 4 or 5 rounds only. With Finger Ten RainGrip, I can play an entire round in blistering heat using only one glove.
  • No need to change gloves every hole or use a rain glove in the Southern California summer as this glove provides a great hot or wet weather grip.
  • Can use it even in the very hot and humid Florida Keys. Provides great feel for anyone who has perspiring hands
  • These gloves are great for use in the mid-west where you play a lot of time in hot and humid conditions where you sweat a lot and have to go 3 or 4 leather gloves a round to keep dry
  • I live in Florida and have to use 2-4 pairs for a round before using the Finger Ten glove. The palm does not wear out because of sweat and very comfortable. Can’t beat the price either.
  • You can use this glove in cold dewy mornings to hot muggy afternoons. Even on drizzle and scattered showers this glove outperforms and outlasts more expensive brands.

Feel & Grip:

  • The gloves are very well made and provide a good grip and feel even wet or dry.
  • Used this during putting, the feel was really great!
  • The feeling is so good compare to other gloves with the same price.
  • The material creates a grip that gives you confidence to hit the sweet spot even when wet.
  • These gloves don’t get stretchy or slippery like leather gloves.
  • They are perfect. Love the feel of the glove!
Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Golf Gloves, 6 Pack

Comfort & Fit:

  • Love the breathable mesh of the back. It fits my hands perfectly with no sags or loose portion.
  • These gloves breathe really well so my hand doesn’t perspire.
  • The black color is a nice change from the traditional white glove.
  • The glove does not bunch up while playing compare to some other gloves
  • Great fit, great feel, great control and comfort.


  • Buying in multi-packs makes a very good sense! Cheap price, great quality!
  • The grip, quality and price is hard to beat
  • Decent bang for your buck!
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price!
Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Golf Gloves, 6 Pack


Just would like to point out that the total portion of these negative comments is only about 7%. Which means it came from (more or less) seven (7) users.

Not all of them experienced the same things though, only one of the following:

  • Fabric separating from the seams on a newly delivered package (only 1 user had this experience)
  • No grip in dry conditions (this sounds really contradicting to the comments posted by most of the users so not sure why is this so for this particular user).
  • The XL size seems smaller compared to other brands
  • XL just barely fits an extra wide palm
  • They look nice but a bit rough on the fingers
  • Feels a little warm and slick (probably just not used to this style of golf glove)
  • The sizes seem to run small, so would probably need to order a size larger than usual
  • The Velcro wrist strap is a little too small.

Although there may be some negative comments from users, the overwhelming positive comments from most users certainly attest to the quality and performance of this golf glove from Finger Ten.

One thing we learn from users though is that this gloves are not leather, so they don’t feel like leather. Having said that, users commented that leather-type gloves don’t even last half the time of what this RainGrip glove could.

The main thing that stands out from users’ comments would probably be the overall value that the 6-pack provides.

With the gloves quality, performance in any conditions, durability and cheaper price plus the very strong recommendation from users, this pack from Finger Ten is definitely a winner!

CLICK HERE to buy it from Amazon at a VERY GOOD PRICE!

Finger Ten New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Golf Gloves, 6 Pack

Rank 1:

Coming in at top spot is the FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Glove with an average of 4.8 rating from twenty-two (22) users.

What Do Users Say About The FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Glove?


  • “Have used this glove for years and it works great…”
  • This glove has good value and it wears well…”
  • “Good product at a reasonable price…”
  • “…Very comfortable…”
  • “This brand always fits me perfect…”
  • “Great glove, exactly as advertised…”
  • “This is a very good and quality glove…”
  • “…Good feel and great fit and very durable even in hot Florida…”
  • “…Great to use in the Oklahoma summer…”
  • “…Fits true to size…”
  • “…The material has a soft feel to it…”


  • A user mentioned about some bad experience with the delivered package as it was the wrong size
FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

The negative comment from one user is not actually about the product itself but on the seller’s fault. Although annoying for his part, it cannot be said that this affected the quality of the product.

Most users have very good comments for this golf glove so we cannot say more.

To buy this from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Golf Glove

Other Highly Rated Golf Gloves For Men

If in case, for any reason, you didn’t prefer any of the Top 5 Golf Gloves above, we have seven (7) other golf gloves that you can check out.

These are also highly rated gloves but they only have less than ten (10) verified purchasers.

#of Reviews
Product Page
Mens Golf Glove Rain Grip Value 3 Pack, All Weather Durable Grip, By Finger Ten
Titleist Mens Players-Flex Golf Gloves Cadet
New FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Edition Men’s Golf Glove
Zero Friction Men’s Cabretta Elite

Summary & Conclusion

With all the many brands available in the market, choosing the right golf glove can surely be daunting a task.

This article gives you a shortcut so you can have an easy time choosing which golf glove is right for you – performance and budget wise.

We have provided you five (5) great performing golf gloves with high product rating and reasonable prices so you definitely have excellent choices laid out in front of you ready to be picked. You can’t go wrong with any of these top golf gloves.

We have also given you a list of seven (7) other highly rated golf gloves that you can have a look at if nothing in the Top 5 suits your preference. So your options is not limited in this case.

Hope we are able to give you some useful insights and information in your quest for that perfect golf glove. Good luck!

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