Ladies Golf Bags – Great Brands For You!

If you’re searching for gorgeous and well-designed ladies golf bags, look no further as we have outlined in this article the popular brands that most golfers used out there so you can have something to reference to.

There are lots of ladies golf bags on sale online but we will try and line up the various models that were (and being) sold in Amazon.

We will also provide you a review of each brand and models as we go along.

Which Ladies Golf Bags Brand Is The Most Popular?

When it comes to golf bags that women are fond of, there are different brands that share the market in the golfing world.

There are, however, some brands that make up the higher share of sales and we will list the most popular ones in here. 

But before we go any further, it is important to note that there are three types of golf bags lady golfers are buying, they are:

  • Cart Golf Bags
  • Cart – Golf Set (with golf clubs included)
  • Golf Stand Bags (golf bags with stand)

So we will try to focus and set our discussion based on each type of bags.

Ladies Cart Golf Bags – Popular Brands

Based on our research, the following brands sold more cart golf bag models compare to other trademarks:

  1. Callaway (43.71%)
  2. Sun Mountain (32.93%)
  3. 3. Ogio (11.98%)
  4. 4. Cobra (8.38%)
  5. 5. TaylorMade (3%)

With almost 44% share of the market, Callaway tops our list for ladies cart golf bags sold.

Sun Mountain is in second (2nd) place with more or less 33% share. Ogio, Cobra and TaylorMade made up the other three (3) in our Top 5 list.

Ping and Titleist came up short and didn’t make it into our list.

Ladies Cart Golf Bags – Popular Models

Talking about the particular models for this type of bag, we would have the seven (7) top bags occupying our list.

These cart golf bags are ranked based on user product rating and number of units sold (with a minimum of five (5) people). They are:

  1. Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag
  2. Sun Mountain 2017 Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag
  3. Sun Mountain 2017 Women’s S-1 Cart Golf Bag
  4. Cobra 2017 Ladies UL Golf Bag
  5. Ogio Golf 2017 Duchess Cart Bag
  6. Callaway 2017 Chev Cart Golf Bag
  7. TaylorMade Kalea Cart Bag

It is interesting to note that even though Callaway has the biggest share of the market, it is not the highest in our ranking list!

Ladies Cart – Golf Set Bags – Popular Brands

When it comes to cart golf set bags, we only have the list of the Top 3 brands, as below:

  1. Callaway (97.82%)
  2. Cobra (1.70%)
  3. Cleveland Golf (0.48%)

Callaway is the runaway winner with almost 98% share of the market. Cobra and Cleveland Golf covered the other spots which made up the other 2% share.

Our Top 5 ranking for the specific model in this category are listed below:

  1. 2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set
  2. Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Complete Golf Set With Bag (13 Piece)
  3. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)
  4. Callaway Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Complete Set
  5. Callaway Strata Plus Women’s Complete 14-Piece Set

With the 98% market share, it is expected that various Callaway models would occupy our Top 5 list for the Cart – Golf Set category — which indeed is true!

The top spot however is occupied by the 2017 Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set from Cobra.

Ladies Golf Bags With Stand – Popular Brands

For ladies golf bags with stand, Callaway still leads the pack with a little less than 63% of sales followed by Ping and Ogio. Cobra and Sun Mountain rounded up the Top 5 in this type of golf bag.

  1. Callaway (62.16%)
  2. Ping (15.33%)
  3. Ogio (14.41%)
  4. Cobra (4.5%)
  5. Sun Mountain (3.6%)

Ogio Golf 2017 Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

In this category, the Ogio Golf 2017 Featherlite is in the top spot while the Callaway Women’s Strata is at second (2nd) place.

The 3rd and 4th spots are taken by Cobra 2017 Ultralite and Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag, respectively, while another Callaway model, Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, occupies the 5th spot.

Summary & Conclusion

Looking at the ranking list of the three (3) types of golf bags for women, you could see that Callaway has a very big share of the market, particularly on the Cart – Golf Set category.

This doesn’t necessarily mean though that the bag on the top of the list for each type would be a Callaway brand as the overall product rating of the other brands in the list is higher than that of the Callaway models.

In this sense, we have provided you a list of the top models in each bag type to give you an overview of which models are actually being purchased by lady golfers out there.

We will dig more into each type of bags and the various models in each category in the next articles that will follow. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on which women’s golf bags to look at if you’re thinking of buying yourself one.

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