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In our research to bring you the lightest golf cart bags, we have come up with the table below to showcase the various golf cart models and ranked according to weight.

If both models have the same weight, then they will be ranked according to the other features they have.

If you are looking for high quality yet lightweight golf cart bags, the table below provides you a quick comparative analysis between different models.

In such case, you will have a pretty good idea of what each golf bag has to offer.

Before we present you the listing, we just want to point out some very important things you need to take note of:

  • The table can be sorted by any column you like by pressing the up/down arrow buttons.
  • The table can also be filtered based on brand if you like to compare bags of the same brand by typing in a brand name on the search box.
Callaway Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Chev Cart Bag

Lightest @ 4.2 lbs.

Callaway Golf Chev Cart Bag

Now that the introduction and pleasantries are done, here are the top ten (10) golf cart bags (based on weight) that we could find.

All of these bags weigh five (5) pounds or less.




Weight, lbs.




Product Page

Chev Cart Bag

14-Way, 4 Individual Full-Length Dividers, Dedicated Putter Well
DG Lite II Cart Bag
11" x 8.5", 15-Way, Individual Full Length Dividers

RJ Sports
9", 4-Way, Full-Length Dividers

15-Way, With Putter Pit

11-Way Woode Top, Individual Full Length Dividers

Chev Org
14-Way, Individual Full-Length Dividers


15-Way, 2X Barrel Cart Top

Staff Xtra
9.5" x 8.5" , 14-Way, Full Length Dividers

Cart Lite

We will describe in more detail the features of these bags in the following sections, starting from 10th place.

10th TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

Tenth (10th) place is currently occupied by the TaylorMade Cart Lite bag with a weight of five (5) pounds.

This bag is designed specially for pushcart compatibility. The top round shape and trolley notch at the base is engineered to fit push carts.

It has a 14-way top with full-length dividers for easy club organization. The sides of the top portion is also reinforced with stronger material so it does not wear easily.

There are ten (10) pockets available with this bag. Five (5) of those pockets are front-facing for easy access which include two (2) insulated water bottle pockets.

The video below provides a glimpse of what the TaylorMade Cart Lite bag has to offer.

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

9th Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart Bag

Settling in at 9th place is the Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart bag with a weight of five (5) pounds.

This bag has a 9.5” x 8.5”, 14-way top with full length dividers. It also has 3 side lift handles to help you easily grab the top part of the bag.

There is also an external putter well provided that could fit oversized putter grips.

The bottom part is an 11” x 9” trolley base with anchor.

This bag has lots of pockets so you could store your necessities and accessories with no issues.

Pockets available are:

  • Two (2) large full-length garment pockets
  • Three (3) velour valuables pockets
  • Four (4) large accessories pockets
  • One (1) large insulated pocket
  • Two (2) side mesh pockets
Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart Bag

Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart Bag

Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart Bag

Other Features:

  • Cart strap loop
  • Umbrella holders
  • Towel ring / glove holder
  • Padded strap
  • Rain hood

The Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart bag is a nice-looking bag with a spacious top and lots of pockets and considering it is made by Wilson, it could be expected that the manufacturing process involves the highest quality.

Wilson Staff Xtra Golf Cart Bag

8th Ogio Cirrus Cart Bag

The Ogio 2018 Cirrus cart golf bag is quietly sitting in 8th place with a weight of 4.8 pounds.

This bag has many improvements and is lighter than previous versions. The design gives you enough space for your clubs and has a generous number of pockets for all your accessories.

The top is a 15-way, 2x barrel type with integrated handles and front dual putter pit.

The material of the bag is very lightweight and is weather-resistant. It has nine (9) zippered pockets including a fleece-lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve.

Ogio Cirrus Cart Bag

Ogio Cirrus Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Cirrus Golf Cart Bag

What Do Users Say About The Ogio Cirrus Cart Bag?

  • “I love Ogio… they always think of ways to improve their bags…”
  • “…Plenty of space for clubs and accessories…”
  • “…well-made bag…”
  • “… the double zippers is a great feature…”
  • “Very light and durable…”
  • “…love the lots of zippered storage areas…”
  • “…love the 2x size for my clubs, makes it very easy to extract a club…”
  • “…the handles are very nice and helpful…”
  • “…the hidden slots for strapping the bag to the cart is a wonderful feature, keeps the strap out of the way…”
  • “…love the easy-open but sturdy zippers!”
  • “…the fabric, zippers and pockets are made of very strong material, yet the bag is surprisingly light…”
  • “…the colors of the bags are very cool…”

Users are common to say that they love this bag because it is lightweight, huge space and has plenty of pockets. They also love the other features like the handles, zippers and the overall quality.

This golf cart bag has indeed a very high product rating and is highly recommended by actual users so we also greatly recommend you check it out.

Ogio Cirrus Golf Cart Bag

7th Ogio Tyro Golf Cart Bag

In 7th place is the Ogio Tyro Golf Cart bag with a weight of 4.75 pounds.

It has a 6-way top with full-length dividers that simplifies access to your clubs.

The top also features integrated lift handles so you can conveniently hold the bag.

This is a stripped-down version of a full-featured cart bag but could still pack your gears and all your accessories.

The bag has six (6) pockets available (including a fleece-lined valuables pocket and a full-length apparel pocket) for you to store your belongings and other stuff.

It also features a towel loop and a Velcro patch for your gloves.

What Do Users Say About The Ogio Tyro Cart Bag?

  • “…this is great on my push cart…”
  • “…my clubs sits well on the bag and they are all visible when the bag is on the cart…”
  • “…there’s plenty of storage…”
  • “…everything you need on more expensive bags is in Tyro…”

If you’re looking for a simple yet functional bag without the bells and whistles, you should definitely check out the Ogio Tyro cart bag. Simplicity is beauty!

Ogio Tyro Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Tyro Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Tyro Golf Cart Bag

6th Callaway Chev Org Cart Bag

With a weight of 4.6 pounds, the Callaway Chev Org Cart bag is in 6th place.

Awesome color combinations, stylish design and great features define the Chev Org cart bag.

The 14-way top with full-length dividers makes a good way to organize your clubs.

The provided grab handle makes for easy maneuvering of the bag. The putter well provided fits oversized grips.

There are ten (10) pockets available in this bag for you to sort out your golf stuff. Each pocket is designed to fillet-open to optimize storage and makes it super easy to open and close.

The E-trolley base system design makes this bag push/pull cart friendly as well as riding carts.

Callaway Chev Org Cart Bag

Callaway Chev Org Cart Bag

Callaway Chev Org Cart Bag

Other features include:

  • Seamless tee pocket
  • Rain hood
  • Comfort tech single strap
  • Removable ball pocket for custom embroidery

Check out the video on the right side to find out more about the features of the Chev Org cart bag.

What Do Users Say About The Chev Org Cart Bag? 

  • “Durable…”
  • “Plenty of storage…”
  • “Like the individual slots, makes it easy to grab the club you need…”
  • “Love the bag’s appearance…”

The Chev Org Cart bag is a high-quality bag from Callaway. With all its wonderful features, innovative design and nice aesthetics, it is a bag that definitely deserves to be checked out.

Callaway Chev Org Cart Bag

5th Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

5th place in our list is currently occupied by the Ogio Shredder Golf Cart Bag, having a weight of 4.57 pounds.

This bag is not that big but remarkably fits all your golf gears in it because of the way it was designed.

The bag has an 11-way Woode Top (with individual full length dividers) for easy management and storage of your clubs.

This bag also has integrated light handles for easy transport and handling. A single carry strap is also provided to make carrying even simpler and comfortable.

There is plenty of storage for your accessories with the eight (8) available pockets on the Shredder.  Pockets include:

  • Fleece lined valuables pocket
  • Oversized apparel pocket
  • Ball pocket
Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

Other Features: 

  • Velcro glove patch
  • Towel ring
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • Rain hood

What Do Users Say About The Ogio Shredder Cart Bag?

  • “Very great quality…”
  • “Worth the money…”

The Ogio Shredder is a high-quality bag made by a very reputable brand. Users love it for its durability and great design.

If you’re looking for a dependable golf cart bag, don’t forget to check out this wonderful creation from Ogio.

Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

4th Ogio Stinger Cart Bag

Fourth (4th) place is captured by the Ogio Stinger Golf Cart bag with a weight of 4.57 pounds. It has a similar weight with the Shredder but we had it ranked higher because it has more top slots.

The Stinger Golf Cart Bag features a 15-way cart top (14 full length dividers) with a putter pit thus managing your clubs is pretty easy with this bag.

Colors available:

  • Carbon
  • Deep Sea
  • Gray Noise/Burst
  • Urban/Camo/Red

The total pockets available for this bag is eight (8), which includes the following:

  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Cooler pocket (fits 3 bottles of water)
Ogio Stinger Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Stinger Cart Bag

Ogio Stinger Cart Bag

Other Features: 

  • Glove hook-and-loop fastener patch
  • Padded shoulder carry strap
  • Velcro closure at the bottom of the lower pouch
  • Dimension: 36” x 14” x 10”

What Do Users Say About The Ogio Stinger Golf Cart Bag?

  • “Great bag… the clubs fit very nicely…”
  • “Lots of room…”
  • “The 15-way divider is nice…”
  • “Overall, a quality bag…”
  • “A beautiful bag…”

The Ogio Stinger cart bag is a tidy-looking golf bag that features great club management and nice craftsmanship.

It’s a hit with golfers so don’t forget to check it out next time you need a golf cart bag.

Ogio Stinger Cart Bag

3rd RJ Sports CC-490 Golf Cart Bag

Sitting at 3rd spot is the RJ Sports CC-490 Golf Cart bag with a weight of 4.5 pounds.

This golf bag is perfect for golfers just starting to get into the game. It is a lightweight bag that features a 9”, 4-way top with two (2) top lift handles for easy lifting and maneuvering.

Total pockets available are seven (7):

  • 4 side garment pockets
  • 3 front (valuables, ball or accessories pockets)

Other Features:

  • Towel Ring
  • Velcro Glove Attachment
  • Rain Hood
  • Shoulder Strap

If you are aspiring to play golf and would like to try out a bag that is functional and affordable, the RJ CC-490 sounds a good fit for you. Check it out by clicking the image on the right.

RJ Sports CC-490 Golf Cart Bag

RJ Sports CC-490 Golf Cart Bag

RJ Sports CC-490 Golf Cart Bag

2nd Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

In 2nd place is the Datrek DG Lite II golf cart bag. It weighs only 4.25 pounds.

It has a 9”, 15-way top with full-length individual dividers for easy club management.

There are also soft-grip lift assist handles integrated into the bag top for effortless handling.

This bag also has a putter holder in the front with a large opening that can comfortably fit and accommodate a large grip.

The size of this bag is between a regular cart bag and a stand bag so this should fit nicely even onto a pull/push cart.

Also note that this bag fits all Bag Boy carts.

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag


When it comes to pockets, the DG Lite II is engineered and designed with cart use in mind. All pockets are forward-facing and can be accessed while the bag is on the cart. This is really a great feature that makes accessing the different pockets a breeze!

There are seven (7) pockets available in total, which include the following:

  • Two (2) oversized apparel pockets
  • Oversized insulated cooler pocket (could fit up to 4 cans)
  • Large ball pocket
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket

Available Colors:

As far as appearance is concerned, you won’t get short of variations as there are eight (8) modern color combinations available. They are:

  • Black/Charcoal
  • Black/Charcoal/Red
  • Black/Charcoal/Royal
  • Black/Charcoal/Lime
  • Black/Charcoal/Orange
  • Black/Pink
  • Black/Turquoise
  • Navy/Red/White

Other Features:

  • Towel holder ring with glove holder
  • Cart strap sleeve
  • Umbrella holder
  • Shoulder strap
  • Rainhood
Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

What Do Users Say About The DG Lite II Cart Bag?


  • “Putting clubs in and getting them out is very convenient!”
  • “Excellent for storage and club placement…”
  • “Love the full length dividers…”
  • “Datrek bags lasts pretty long…”
  • “Light weight and easy to handle…”
  • “The top handles makes it easy to move around…”
  • “Plenty of pockets…”
  • “Love the big pockets…”
  • “Nice and colorful bag…”
  • “Great bag, great value…”
  • “Light and fits in the cart easier…”
  • “Awesome bag for the money…”
  • “The size is perfect!”
  • “Well made and nice design…”


  • Bag is not very rugged
  • Stitches are not very strong
  • Material quality not as expected

Although there are some users that said their bag is not rugged, there are many users that say their bags lasted for a while and didn’t have any issues at all with the stitches and the type of material.

The DG Lite II is a lightweight and affordable cart bag with outstanding features. Club management and organization of your golf accessories are some of its strong points.

If you like to have a cart bag that is very functional and with lots of pockets but with only an average cost, then definitely check out this bag from Datrek – you’ll find great value from it.

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

1st Callaway Chev Cart Bag

And the lightest golf cart bag in our ranking is Callaway’s Chev Cart Bag with a weight of 4.2 pounds. It is actually just a shade lighter than the Datrek DG Lite II.

The Chev Cart Bag is designed sensibly for optimum club management and easy-to-operate pockets.

It has a 14-way top with full length dividers and a dedicated putter well. They also made the grab handle front facing which makes it easy to put the bag on and off the cart.

There are five (5) pockets available on this bag. These pockets are all designed to fillet open for maximum storage and for easy opening/closing. Some of the pockets included are:

  • Valuables pocket (water-resistant, velour lined)
  • 2 x full length apparel pockets
  • Seamless tee pocket
  • Bottom Ball Pocket (with custom logo)
Callaway Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Chev Cart Bag

Other Features:

  • Comfort tech single strap (makes it easy transporting the bag)
  • E-Trolley base system makes it seamless to integrate with push or pull carts, even with riding carts
  • Easy trunk lift handle on the back of bag
  • Rain hood

Take a look at the video on the right side to familiarize yourself with the different features that the Chev Cart Bag has to offer.

What Do Users Say About The Callaway Chev Cart Bag?

  • “…very happy with this bag…”
  • “…there’s a room for everything in this bag…”
  • “…very good bag…”
  • “…nice looking bag, very trendy…”

The Callaway Chev Cart bag is a trendy, great looking bag that gives you what you need in the golf course. The bag has been designed for ease of use and plenty of storage.

We highly recommend you check out this awesome, lightweight and highly-rated cart bag from Callaway.

Callaway Chev Cart Bag

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