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Shot DistributionDid you know that about 40% of all shots on the golf course are done using a putter? Yeah, that’s right!

So if you want to improve your score, it makes sense therefore that one of your goals should be to reduce your number of putts per round.

This is where a putting practice mat would be very beneficial to you. With a practice putting mat, you will be able to practice your putting stroke and make it more efficient and accurate.

Every time you practice, you train yourself how to do it until it becomes common sense to your mind and body how to perform your putting stroke. In this sense, your putting will become better and your shot accuracy will increase.

A great way to practice your putting is with an indoor putting mat. There are many types of putting mat available out there but of course you would want just the best putting mat there is.

That is why in this article we will list out and provide reviews of the top three best indoor putting mats that are pretty popular in the market these days.

The top three (3) most popular indoor putting mats are the following:

  1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat
  2. Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (3×9 Feet)
  3. IZZO Golf Putting Mat (3×9 Feet)

Check out below for the product details and our review on each one of these putting mats.

  1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

Product Description

SKLZ 1The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is an indoor putting mat with ball return feature.

It lets you practice three (3) different putt lengths (i.e. 3 feet, 5 feet & 7 feet) on a very high quality true-roll putting surface that somehow simulates the putting green.

The Stimpmeter rating of this mat is 10 when place on a firm rug and a rating of 11 when placed on a linoleum surface. Take note that with the material used, the mat can be rolled up for easy storage after you finished practicing your putt.

Other great features of this mat are discussed on the next section.

Product Features

Below are the other features of the SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat:

  • Back/Through Stroke Alignment Guide. This is one great feature of this mat.SKLZ Alignment Guide 1With the alignment guide, you would know where to place your putter from the back stroke up to your follow through producing that appropriate acceleration to hit that golf ball into the hole.

SKLZ Alignment Guide 2

SKLZ Alignment Guide 3

  • Dimension: 9 ft 2 inches Long x 12 inches wide. With its compact size, you will not need a big space to practice your putt.
  • SKLZ 4Uphill grade finish. The hole end of the SKLZ putting mat is intentionally angled like a ramp to discourage deceleration.

This will enable you to prevent short putts and maintain proper speed. It also makes your shot more efficient and accurate.

  • Adjustable ball return. This is one feature that users love about this putting mat. You can practically keep hitting the ball as it returns back to you by gravity after you hit the shot. Other putting mats require electricity to have the ball returned but the SKLZ putting mat don’t.

How To Use The SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat?

The SKLZ putting mat is very easy to use and we reckon it is best to show it in video so you’ll appreciate it more. Watch the video below.

Here’s another short video demonstrating the use of the SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat.

What Do Users Say About The SKLZ Putting Mat?

Below are some of what actual users say about the SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat:

  • This mat is a real aid to developing a putting stroke that becomes automatic
  • This is great to put on a hard floor to give it a fast putting speed. If you put it on a carpet, the speed slows down.
  • This is a great training tool to groove your putting stroke. The ramp is useful too.
  • The mat itself is thicker than most mats of its type and the plastic return portion is a little thicker than most – although it’s still relatively thin.
  • The ball rolls with a normal speed based on my experience with real putting greens. I used some books to help flatten the mat out initially, and I was putting in a few minutes.
  • Nice Practice Mat – More useful than most because of markings.

There are many more excellent reviews of this product but it would be impractical to list down all of them here.

Out of 353 customer reviews from Amazon, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat is rated at 4.3 stars which is a pretty high ranking – which means customer satisfaction is really high for this putting mat.

  1. Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (3×9 Feet)

Grassroots 2The Grassroots Par Three Putting Green mat is a kidney-shaped putting green that is made of high-quality putting surface that stays smooth.

It has 3 practice cup cutouts that you can aim at.

This mat has built-in sand trap cutouts to make your putting more realistic.

The cutouts also catch missed shots. The overall product dimension measures 3 feet by 9 feet.

The Grassroots Par Three putting mat does not include an automatic ball return so you have to go to the front and pickup the balls you used for your shots. It also doesn’t have alignment guides compare to the SKLZ Accelerator Pro.

There are some good comments pointed out by actual users of this product however, there are also some not so good ones. The overall rating of this product from actual Amazon buyers is 4 stars.

Based on the quality of material, slightly cheaper price, overall user rating and the lack of certain features (like the automatic ball return & alignment guides), the Grassroots Par Three is ranked second to the SKLZ Accelerator Pro.

  1. IZZO Golf Putting Mat (3×9 Feet)

IZZO GolfThe third on our top three indoor putting mats is the IZZO Golf Putting Mat.

This putting mat includes three (3) patented putting cups which are a ¼” smaller than the standard size.

This is so to help you sharpen your aim and increase accuracy.

This putting mat has no ball return feature and no alignment guides.

User rating for this putting mat from Amazon is 3 stars (with heaps of 1 star rating) which signify a not so good user satisfaction score.

Based on lack of features and not quite impressive user rating, we do not recommend this product for you.

Summary & Conclusion

Practicing your putt with an indoor putting mat will help you improve greatly your putting efficiency and accuracy.

Another excellent thing about an indoor putting mat is you can use it all year round – especially in winter when you still want to hit that shot but feeling too cold to go out – so you won’t miss out a day without playing your favorite golf!

There are lots of putting mats available and we have provided you the three most popular of them.

Based on excellent user feedback, overall product features and a competitive price, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat is the highly recommended one.

Considering the many putting mat reviews that you can read online, we do hope that we are able to provide you with significant information on your search for the best putting practice mat available.

If you want to look further for more putting practice mats, visit the Amazon listing here.

Good luck and have fun polishing and perfecting your putts with your indoor putting mat!

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