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Welcome to MyGolfNook Store!

We offer a range of high-quality golf products and golf accessories at a very competitive price.

We have lots of golf practice nets and cages (both outdoor and indoor applications), golf practice mats, golf practice balls, golf putting aids and other various golf products to help you improve your game.

And we also have other stuff to help you enjoy golf more!

Golf Practice Nets 

We have lots of golf practice nets available in our store. Depending on which shot you want to practice, we have the practice net suitable for it – be it driving, pitching or chipping – we got the practice net you need! 

Golf Driving Nets

When you want to practice your drive or tee shot, it is best to practice with a golf driving net. Drives are long-distance shots played from the tee box and you would want to hit the ball as far as possible so you would need something big enough to accommodate this type of shot – a golf driving net makes perfect sense in this situation.

Check out the golf driving nets available in our store now!

Golf Pitching Nets

Pitching shots are played with a highly lofted club which aims to move the golf ball just a relatively short distance but with a pretty steep ascent and descent angles.

A pitching net provides you the necessary setup to practice this type of shots and we have lots of models to choose from. Click here to view our store listing.

Golf Chipping Nets

Chipping shots make the ball pop into the air briefly then hits the ground and roll toward the hole. This type of shot is somehow similar to pitching but with less swing.

There are golf chipping nets available in our store to help you practice this kind of shot. Using this type of nets will really make an improvement to your shots and overall game.

Go and have a look at our chipping nets listing.

Golf Practice Balls

We also have different golf practice balls available for you to choose from depending on your requirement and preferences. We have plastic, foam and airflow hollow golf balls to help you perfect your shots.

Golf Plastic Balls

Don’t let space and time limitation hinder your practice session. With golf plastic balls, you can always have a hit even in the comfort of your own home.

Although they are not as good as the “real” golf balls, these balls will give you appropriate hitting time to practice your golf swing.

They are also very light weight so won’t cause damage to people or furniture.

We have different high-quality models available in our store. Check them out here!

Golf Foam Balls

Practicing your swing regularly is the best way to improve your game. With that being said, you wouldn’t always have the opportunity to practice in a proper place so you have to make do in a limited setting, like your home or some indoor place.

This is where it is good to practice with golf foam balls. Of course, their flight pattern and feeling on impact is different than a real golf ball but the main thing is you can perfect your swing using foam balls and the cost is also significantly cheaper than a proper golf ball.

Check out our store listing here for high-quality but inexpensive golf foam balls.

Golf Airflow Hollow Balls

If you need to practice your golf swing in a really limited space, golf airflow hollow balls might be a good option for you.

These balls have holes all over it to help reduce backspin with increase friction which hamper its ability to travel very far. These are normally made in plastic so it is very light which is great for indoor practice sessions.

Click here to view our golf airflow hollow balls.

Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders are really helpful when you need to know how far the distance to the next hole is. This gives you a guide on which golf club to use for optimum distance.

Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf laser rangefinders use laser technology to give you the distance of an object. The time of flight principle applies to this type of rangefinder.

Click here and have a look at the available laser rangefinders in our store.

Golf Putting Aids

Golf putting aids are great tools to practice and perfect your putting stroke. Depending on your level and your practice goals, there are various training aids that you can use to achieve that perfect putt.

Check out our golf putting aids listing below:

  • Golf Putter Automatic Return – this is perfect for continuous putting giving you the needed repetition to practice your shots
  • Golf Putting Mirrors – check your posture and stance and know where you need improvements with these mirrors
  • Golf Putter Laser – this is a great way to develop your targeting skills as you can see a laser pointer giving you a putting guide

Golf Swing Trainers

Proper golf swing is important and will be a primary factor for you to get better and enjoy the game more.

Appropriate training aids, practice and consistent training will give you the best results out of your training scheme.

Have a look at our various range of golf swing trainers and check out some great training aids for you so can develop the perfect golf swing.

Buy with confidence from our store knowing that you are getting the best deals and great value for your hard-earned money. We only offer highly rated products at a very cheap and competitive price!

If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message through our contact page.

Enjoy your shopping!

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