Bag Boy Quad Plus 4 Wheel Push Cart Review

Golf is undoubtedly a gentleman’s game. It makes sense to keep your emotions under control while playing golf. However an hour in the sun lugging clubs can freak even the most gentlemanly sort of person.

Professionals (and those who can afford of course) generally hire caddies, and pay a sizeable sum for their services as well. But if spending additional money is not a welcome endeavor, then this certainly is not a good idea.

Renting a cart again is not a good option; because on some days you could be lucky and you might get a good cart, but on some days you might end up with stubborn and creaky wheels which could certainly be more annoying than not having a cart at all in the first place.

So the best option is undoubtedly having your own cart. There is a wide range available in the market today, to suit your budget and your needs, from four wheeled carts to three wheeled ones and from those with beverage bottle holders and to those without.

Bag Boy golf cart for example is one brand that comes to mind. This is primarily because they have been in the business since 1946. Also, Bag Boy golf carts are reputedly known for its technically advanced and user-friendly features.

In this article we will try to review and dissect the features of the Bag Boy Quad Plus 4 Wheel push cart and list down necessary details so you would know what to expect should you decide to buy one.

Features and Specifications

  • Built with ultra light weather-resistance aluminum frame
  • Fitted with exceedingly stable platform for the wheels
  • Has a wide 29″ rear wheel base
  • Comes with oversized wheels for rolling through the grass easily
  • Wheel dimensions: 9.5” front and 11.5″ rear
  • Has an easy one-step handle adjustment for accommodating golfers of all heights
  • Has a parking brake that is mounted on the handle for easy access
  • Has an extendable wheel base for fitting oversized bags
  • Has a quick grab beverage holder
  • Equipped with external ball holders
  • Has a deluxe scorecard holder with pencil holder, padded compartment and secure umbrella holder
  • Comes with lightweight, solid foam, maintenance-free tires
  • Pretty tidy when folded. Folded dimension is only: 24″ x 17″ x 16″
  • Available in 6 colors to suit your preference: Black, Silver, Red, Navy, White, Yellow
  • Price: $219.95 (Click Here less 15% discount – valid until 2/17/2015 at 11pm MST. If you live in the US, shipping is FREE as well!)

Benefits of The Bag Boy Quad Push Cart

Four wheels instead of three: Four wheels instead of the routine three contributes for ease of movement and increased stability.

The rear wheels which are sized at 11.5” make it easy to roll the cart through the grass.

Ultra Light weather resistance frame: the cart is exceedingly light and has a weather-resistant frame that is ideal for playing even under wet conditions.

Quick Grab Beverage holder: We reckon this is one great feature of the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart. This is included to ensure that you stay hydrated all through the game which is pretty important. You can pause to take a swig from your mineral water bottle or energy drink bottle, while your opponent meditates over the ball.

Easy to fold and unfold: Generally, folding carts are a very complicated business; however the same does not apply to the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart. You can easily fold this cart in a simple two step process. The push cart is exceedingly compact and takes up a minimum space in the boot of your car.

What do users love about the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart?

There is something so special about the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart, which it invariably ends being the neighbor’s envy and the owner’s pride. Users simply love the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart for its user friendly dynamics and stylish externals. No other push cart comes with such an assortment of colors. 

Similarly no other cart in its range has the same set of features as the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart, to simplify the process of playing golf; starting from the external ball and beverage holder, to the adjustable handles, and wheels that easily ride roughshod. All this for a price that is well below $230, makes the Bag Boy Quad a hit.

Some of the comments from users of the Bag Boy Quad Plus 4 Wheel Push Cart:

  • It is very easy to fold, unfold and close
  • Lightweight and rolls effortlessly
  • Easy to push uphill
  • Golf bag is held securely with the top strap and stays centered
  • No cart folds easier!
  • Setting it up and putting it away is a snap
  • Heavy-duty and easy to open
  • The four wheels really makes a difference in the amount of effort when pushing the cart
  • The accessories compartment and the umbrella holder are awesome
  • The cart folds really small

Conclusion and Closure

Carrying your golf bag through the golf course is quite a task. If you are happy to carry it all the time then you won’t need a golf push cart. However, if you are already finding it unenjoyable to carry your golf bag, a golf push cart is a very logical thing to have.

Renting a golf cart might not turn out to be a good idea as you don’t know what type of cart you would end up with so it pays to have your own one.

With all the great features, lots of positive comments from users and a very high star rating (4.7 out of 5), the Bag Boy Quad Plus 4-Wheel Push Cart comes highly recommended if you’re considering having your own golf push cart.

Click here to buy the Bag Boy Quad Plus 4-Wheel Push Cart!

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