Almost Golf Balls – The Perfect Practice Balls Outside The Golf Course

Playing all the time in golf courses or just hitting along in driving ranges would mean constantly spending your money to practice your golf swing. 

Would it be fairly convenient if you could practice in the comfort of your own backyard? Well, with Almost Golf Point3 Balls, you can do just that!

How Is This Practice Ball Be Appropriate To Hit or Play In Your Own Backyard?

The Almost Golf Point3 practice golf balls is the first of its kind. It’s got a solid core but only flies at a limited distance.

It is an internal pressure practice ball that provides a sort of on-course experience in an off-course setting, which in some cases could be your own backyard.

This would mean you could have more time practicing your golf swing skills without worrying about the costs in paying for golf courses.

Almost Golf Balls
Almost Golf Balls

Making your backyard a practice course is achievable with Almost golf balls because it is designed to do just that.

For people to be able to simulate their swing and short game in a limited space compare to a golf course can be realized by the use of this practice golf ball.

The video below on the right shows a golfer practicing his swing in his house into the nearby swimming pool. You can see how this practice ball works.

The next video shows a guy practicing on a parking lot.

You might be able to find similar places like this in your area.

The two videos above clearly shows that you can step out into your backyard, parking lot or school yard and just hit this practice ball that feels and performs like a real golf ball.

So the Almost Golf ball can really help you in your way to a better golfer by offering you a means to practice anywhere as applicable and off the proper golf course – which can really save you a lot of money as well in the long run.

How Is Almost Golf Ball Compared To Hollow Plastic or Foam Types?

Unlike hollow plastic or foam golf balls, the Almost Golf practice ball has true flight and real striking accuracy.

It’s limited distance characteristic (about one-third of a real golf ball) is what makes it stand out compare to the other types.

Also worth mentioning is that this practice ball spins, draws and fades like a real ball. You would know you are hitting a ball because it feels solid when hit by your club.

It is great and ideal for practicing your full swing and short game.

Is This Practice Golf Ball Applicable For Kids?

The Almost Golf ball is ideal for junior golfers as well. It has been proven that kids have more fun practicing with it than a real ball. Look, if kids love something, they will definitely do it again.

So this means they would practice more and they will get more keen on golf and the chance that they get better at it is highly likely.

Schools and various youth organizations are actually saying this is an ideal golf aid for the kids.

What Users Are Saying About The Almost Golf Balls?

You know, it is always good to have some feedback from actual users so in this section of this article we will point out some comments from various users.

User # 1:

One user opined that if you want to improve your game dramatically, while saving costs, this product is a must buy. The user also mentioned that there is no need to drive somewhere to practice your swing. 

You will have the convenience of simply going into your backyard and start hitting a realistic golf ball that travels one-third the distance and does not break your neighbor’s window.

The ball, which is colored yellow is easy to find and the outside material very much resembles a real golf ball, except that it is quite softer.

Although softer, it is durable and feels exactly like a real golf ball when hit.

User # 2:

UticaUrbanGolf found the Almost Golf Point3 balls play authentically and its construction soft, low density and therefore, safe. According to them, it rolls on asphalt; they drive properly but lose energy relatively quickly. 

They have never caused any damage (one incident being driving on full strength, into the side of his own Dodge Caravan from about 20 feet and it didn’t produce a mark, scratch or dent).

Overall, they reckon the ball work so well that they named it as their official ball.

User # 3:

MickeyRainwater bought the Almost Golf practice balls and used it with a backyard net as he was informed that regular balls tore through the nets.

He was very happy with his purchase and said that the balls have a nice, realistic feel to them. He also mentioned that the dimples and all look really like regular golf balls so in the psychological sense, it made him practice more seriously. 

The limited distance of the ball also allows him to focus and get the best out of his practice as he is not worried about breaking his neighbor’s window.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The Almost Golf Point3 ball construction resembles that of a real golf ball, however, it is made of softer material so that it characteristically has limited travel and flight distance.

The softer material also eases out people’s concern about safety when using it outside a dedicated golf course.

Users also have very interesting comments about their different experiences with using this type of golf ball and generally all have positive remarks towards it.

Based on performance and various user experiences, buying and practicing with Almost Golf Point3 balls is therefore highly recommended.

It will certainly make a positive impact towards improving your game.

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