Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set Product Review

If you’re a beginner and looking for the right set of tools to kick-start your golf journey, the ideal way is to have your own set of clubs.

And if you combine that set of clubs with a golf bag, that would be perfect! In this article, we will see how the Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set is just the perfect fit for what you need.

We will look at all the things that are included in this golf bag plus golf cart combo to give you firsthand information about this product.

Product Description

From our research, based on user rating, this complete set from Cobra is the number one ranked golf cart set for women — you can see the ranking in this post.

This golf cart and golf club combo is a beginner set which is mostly tailored for those right-handed lady golfers with a mid to high level handicaps.

Let us start with the cart bag and then go through each of the clubs included in the package.

The Fly Z S Cart Bag

The Fly Z S complete set includes a full feature cart bag like the one shown on the right side. The color combination of gray and blue perfectly suits the bag.

It looks good on the eye and not as striking as some other colors do. The top of the bag has very ample divisions for the number of clubs included in this package.

It has quite a number of pockets which is good for your other golfing accessories as well.

The Fly Z S Clubs

The Fly Z S club set is based on the Standard Fly Z product. The main difference is that the Fly Z S has a non-adjustable driver, fairway and hybrid. Regarding the clubs, this set comes with seven (7) pieces as listed below:

  • Driver – This is the number 1 club. You use this for teeing off as drivers are designed to hit the golf ball the farthest out of all the clubs. This is normally the one with the largest head and the longest shaft.
  • 5W (#5 Fairway Wood) – This is the club you used after your drive or tee-off.
  • 5H (#5 Hybrid) – Similar to 5W but with more control without sacrificing distance.
  • 7 – This is what you use when you’re approaching the green or when you’re playing out of trouble.
  • PW (Pitching Wedge) – For shots between fifteen (15) to sixty (60) yards, you would use a pitching wedge. This is to loft the golf ball into the air with a lot of elevation instead of like a line drive shot.
  • SW (Sand Wedge) – all golf course have sand traps, so the Sand Wedge (or SW) is the club that you’re going to use if you ever get trapped on the sand.
  • Blade putter – this is the club that you’ll use when you’re in the greens and putting the golf ball into the hole.

The combination of the clubs in this set is pretty good that it basically covers all the aspects of your game, from driving the golf ball up to when you’re putting in the greens. The design of the clubs include the following technologies:

  • Forged E9 Zone Face
  • Back CG Weighting

The Cobra Forged E9 Zone Face gives you more distance as it removes weight from key areas across the face and hosel to increase the size and speed of the sweet spot giving you more distance even on off-center hits.

The Back CG Weighting makes this set of clubs very forgiving as well which means the design of the clubs lessen the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the ball.

As for the club covers, this set includes club covers for the woods (not the irons) which is pretty normal in most cases.

Users Comments and Reviews

This golf cart set has a very high product rating from users (5 stars) and we have listed below the things that they are saying about this product: 

  • “The clubs from Cobra are high quality and they are amazing… I love them!”
  • “The bag is really nice, the whole club set is nice as well…”
  • “The distance is really stronger with the clubs, the direction is better as well…”
  • This is an awesome starter set…”
  • “The price is great for this amazing set!” 

Users are common in saying that the clubs are really great and the whole set, including the bag, is absolutely nice.  

Some users also mentioned that the clubs are comparably better (in terms of feel, distance and forgiveness) than other brands that they have used in the past.

Summary & Conclusion

The Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Golf Cart set combines great feel, forgiveness and distance with the clubs included. The cart bag is very functional and looks nice.

With all the clubs included in this combo package, you will definitely enjoy your rounds of golf. From teeing off to putting the golf ball into the hole, you’re completely covered with the various clubs in this set.

With the amazing user feedback and high product rating, we highly recommend this golf cart set from Cobra.

CLICK HERE to check out this product with a very good price from Amazon or you can go back to our post here to look at the other popular ladies golf bags.

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