Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag Product Review

In our research, the Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is the top ranked ladies golf stand bag based on users’ product rating. You can view the ranking in this article.

The Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is a lightweight golf stand bag that looks pretty petite and yet, tough and rugged in the field.

We will go through each of the features to show you what this bag has to offer and provide you an educated impression before you buy it.


Bag Features – Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag




This bag has a 9.5” top opening with an 8-way divider including an oversized putter pit (some people use this slot for two gap wedges instead of the putter).


You can see from the image on the right side how the top is laid out and strategically divided for your clubs.

Note that the dividers go through the full-length of the bag, so organizing your clubs is easier and more efficient – no more hassle of tangled club shafts!

Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag
OGIO Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag

In addition, some women prefer playing with men’s clubs. If you’re one of those ladies, be rest assured that the slots would easily fit men’s golf clubs so you don’t have to worry about this at all.




The Ogio Featherlite has six (6) pockets in total, in which five (5) are zippered and one (1) is not. The non-zippered pocket can be used for your non-valuables or other golf accessories that need to be handy and easy to access.


This bag has a rainguard which you can find in the side pocket and as with other bags, the valuables pocket is fleece-lined for protection.


As you can see, the Featherlite Luxe has so many pockets available that you can use to store everything you need when you play golf.


Handling The Bag 

The bag material is made up of a combination of polyester and nylon. The weight of the bag is three (3) pounds and fourteen (14) ounces.

It is incredibly light when empty so it is relatively easy to handle.


This golf bag is provided with a stand that you can spread out on the ground to keep the bag stable.

The overall size when legs are spread out is 35” x 11” x 9.5”.


If you’re in the mood of carrying the bag, that is also possible as it features carry straps which are well padded and comfortable to use.

You could make the straps longer or shorter to suit your preference as they are adjustable straps.


If you have a cart and would want to use it, the Featherlite Luxe would also fit pretty well in a golf cart.


Style and Fashion 

When it comes to style and fashion, the Featherlite is a sure winner. It’s got a lovely modern print that is not so striking and the combination of colors (the touch of mint green) makes it femininely fashionable.


It is almost certain that heads will turn when you arrive in the golf club with this bag with its style and overall appearance. 

User Comments and Reviews




  • “This bag is really lightweight, light as a feather on its own…”
  • “Love the color… not too girly but sure looks feminine…”
  • “Light and sturdy golf bag…”
  • “The number of pockets in this bag is pretty helpful in organizing my stuff…”
  • “This is an attractive golf bag, love it!” 



  • “It was mentioned by a user that the legs would require a bit of pressure on the base trigger to open up, although they are not that difficult to operate…”

This is not actually too much of an issue but a good thing to take note of so there won’t be any surprises and you’ll know what to expect in this aspect of the golf bag.


Summary and Conclusion


The Ogio Featherlite Luxe Stand Bag is a stylish-looking and attractive bag designed for women who loves golf and have that sense of fashion with them.


But the Featherlite is not only great on the side of fashion and beauty, it is also a very functional bag with its big 9.5” (8-way) top with full length dividers plus the number of pockets to store your other golf stuff.


Users love the color and overall presentation of the Featherlite and also the fact that the bag is incredibly lightweight and well-made.


With the Featherlite’s beautiful look, color, finishing, great design for your clubs and other golf gears’ organization and plus the high overall product rating, we definitely recommend that you check out this bag.


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