Golf Gloves – A Necessary Accessory For Golfers!

As with any other sports, there will always be accessories inclined to be used when you play a game.

Be it for basketball, badminton, swimming, table tennis or whatever sport it is, you are bound to use some required accessories to properly play and enjoy the game.

Same with golf, there are a number of accessories you need to have and one of them is a pair of golf gloves. We will talk more about golf gloves and how it helps with your overall golf game, so just read along.

What Are Golf Gloves For?

If you’re asking yourself what are golf gloves for or are golf gloves really necessary for your game, we will list down all the reasons why you should be wearing them.

  • Gives you a good grip and feel of the club by creating more friction between the grip and the gloved hand especially if you have sweaty hands
  • Protects your hand from blisters or callouses
  • Provides that perfect support for your driving hand and prevents the club from turning in your hand
  • In cases of extreme conditions, gloves protect your hands from cold or wet weather (such as winter gloves or rain gloves). In these instances, you are better to put gloves on both of your hands.

Hopefully these reasons are enough to convince you about the positive impact of wearing a golf glove (or a pair of gloves) next time you play golf.

How To Choose A Golf Glove?

Choosing a golf glove does not require too much but there are four (4) things that you have to consider when choosing one. The four things are: fit, comfort, durability and suitability to the location. We will explain more below on what we meant about these things.

  • Fit – choose something that fits snuggly (like a second skin) and not loose on the fingers that you can’t even properly use your hands.
  • Comfort – You will be wearing this for the whole duration of your game, so you must ensure that you’re comfortable with what you’ll wear.
  • Durability – Check what material the gloves are made of. There are materials that last longer than others, like Cabretta, but also costs relatively more. On the economy side, it is better to buy a more expensive pair that last for quite a long time than cheap ones that you will replace frequently.
  • Suitability to Location – some locations are warmer (or colder) than others so take note of which place you’ll be playing and choose the appropriate glove construction. For example, some gloves are quite heavily padded and you won’t be needing those type in a hot weather.

If you consider these things when buying or choosing your golf glove, then you’ll be on track in buying the perfect one for you!

What Golf Glove Size Should You Wear?

If you’re wondering which golf glove you should wear and which size, check out the following guide.

  • If you’re a man, wear the gloves designed for men and accordingly, if you’re a woman, golf gloves for women. For your own good, stay away from the unisex type gloves.
  • Glove size depends upon the circumference of your hand. Just note, if you’re right-handed, measure your left hand and your right hand if you are left handed.
  • Measure your hand’s circumference by wrapping a measuring tape just below the knuckles. After you’ve taken your measurement, refer to this link -> glove sizing chart from Nike.

There is also a short video on the right from YouTube that you can watch and get amused on how to measure your hands for gloves.

Check it out!

Which Hand Should I Put The Glove On, Left or Right?

In case you’re thinking on which hand to put your glove on, it is usually the opposite of the hand that you normally use. 

f you’re right handed, you put the glove on your left hand and vice versa. The gloved hand is usually termed the “Lead hand” as it leads or guides your stroke.

Which Golf Glove Is The Best? Which Golf Glove Should You Buy?

With all the different brands and styles of golf gloves available in the market, it is always good to ask which golf glove to buy and which golf glove is the best.

These questions are not actually that hard to answer as you can search practically everything online these days. 

Although you might spend quite some time threading through the different articles that will come out from your search.

Having said that, we have done the research for you so don’t need to waste your time searching but instead, choosing which golf glove to buy.

We have prepared separate articles for men’s and women’s golf gloves, just click on the links below:

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