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Look, we must admit, there are some golfers that really love to walk while playing golf.

We totally understand that, and fair enough, it is indeed a great form of exercise.

However, you don’t want to have added stress while walking so it would make sense to walk with a golf bag that weighs comfortably light.

So in this article, we will list down the top lightweight carry-on bags available in the market these days so you can see which one would give you the lightest load while walking through the greens.

Golf carry-on bags are generally cheaper than stand bags. Both carry and stand bags are sort of “carried” bags except that stand bags are provided with stand bars that you can tucked out so you don’t have to bend over to get your clubs.

In saying that though, there are three (3) models in our listing here that somehow incorporated the stand or micro-stand feature into their bags. They still don’t look as robust though compare to those designed purposely as a stand bag.

Some people call these carry-on bags as a weekend bag, or Sunday bag or driving range bag but whatever they want to call it, the bags listed here are the type of bag that you’ll take when you’re bringing just enough clubs to get you through your leisure game and not the whole she-bang.

Anyway, here’s our list of the top 8 lightweight golf carry-on bags (from the heaviest to the lightest). All of these bags weigh no more than 2.5 pounds!

Pro Active Sports 5" Lightweight Carry Bag

Pro Active Sports 5" Lightweight Carry Bag

Only 0.94 lbs.

Pro Active Sports 5" Lightweight Carry Bag




Weight, lbs.




Product Page

Pro Active Sports
5" Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag

Pro Active Sports
7" Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag


JEF World of Golf
JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag with Stand & Handle
4.25", 2-Way

Titleist Carry Bag

Quantum 2 in 1

Quantum Lite
7.5", 2-way

6" x 6.5", 2-way

Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag
7" x 6", 3-Way

10", 2-Way

And that is our ranking for the top lightweight golf carry-on bags. Remember, the extra weight on your bag will weigh you down eventually so choose what you feel would be the most comfortable to you and something that will give you that feeling of satisfaction.

We’ll go through each bag’s features in the next section.

8th Ping Moonlite

8th place is currently occupied by Ping Moonlite with a weight of 2.5 pounds.

The Moonlite has been around for a while and the 2018 model is the most updated version of this bag.

It is Ping’s lightest golf bag and has a 10”, 2-way top (with full length dividers) that can fit your full fourteen (14) clubs set.

It offers four (4) pockets for your golf accessories and other things for storage. This includes a very handy beverage holder.

The bag’s belly is made of a water-resistant material to keep your golf stuff dry.

One great feature of the Moonlite is the adjustable standing strap. It stands up while the bag is on the ground so it is very easy to lift back up.

Saves you from bending down so less strain on your back or knees.

It can also be converted to a single strap easily, if you prefer a single strap carry while you walk.

Ping Moonlite

Ping Moonlite

Ping Moonlite

Also take note that this bag is not collapsible, so if you’re looking for a collapsible bag, this is not it!

This bag also comes with a matching rain hood to complement the other great features.

What Do Users Say About The Ping Moonlite?


  • “…really comfortable bag…”
  • “…great colors…”
  • “…better space for golf clubs than last version…”
  • “…this bag is extremely light and waterproof…”
  • “…there are enough pockets for all the things I need…”
  • “…really love the standing straps…”
  • “…great bag for carrying through the golf course…”
  • “…this is a great lightweight bag that doesn’t break your wallet…”
  • “…outstanding quality material and craftsmanship…”


  • Missing an essential pocket (the little zippered pocket for balls and accessories) which was in the previous version
  • The design of the bag has the tendency to lean toward the club side (top heavy) so it might be tough to balance (adding more slack to the secondary shoulder strap would probably solve the issue)

The Ping Moonlite is one of walking golfers’ favourite bag. The great features and the lightweight quality of this bag is a real hit for users.

You can have a look at it by clicking the image below.

Ping Moonlite

7th Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

In 7th place is the Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil bag with a weight of 2.5 pounds.

This bag is an improved version of the Hyper-Lite 1 and is perfect for walking the course. It has an oval-shaped (7” x 6”) top with a 3-way partition that has full-length dividers for easy club organization.

There is also an integrated top grab handle so you can easily lift the bag if you need to. Take note that this bag has a rigid structure so it is not collapsible.

If you’re thinking of putting in your full fourteen (14) clubs in this bag, DON’T! It is not designed for that – this is actually more of a practice bag – plus you’ll end up having a hard time pulling them out and putting them back in. Users advise that 7-8 clubs would be the most number of clubs to comfortably carry this bag.

The bag is equipped with a micro stand that you have to manually engage to support the bag and keep it dry from the wet grass.

Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

You also don’t have to reach all the way to the ground to grab your club as the stand gives you a little bit of height. The low profile stand is also good as it keeps it off from wind blows during windy days.

It won’t be able to stand on its own as the bottom base is not as hard like a regular stand bag. The bag position when the stand is open is like leaning on a pole.

For your accessories, the bag is provided with three (3) zippered pockets for a more secure storage which includes a full-sized apparel pocket.

The Comfort Tech single strap also makes carrying along this bag easy so you’ll have an enjoyable walk through the golf course.

The bag is not that long, it only measures thirty-one (31) inches from base to the top opening plus an extra few inches for the hand grip where the back strap attaches to. So it won’t occupy a big space in your trunk – really easy to handle!

Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

Other Features:

  • Rain hood
  • Umbrella slot/holder
  • Cup holder

What Do Users Say About The Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 Carry Bag?


  • “…GREAT for walking! You won’t feel exhausted after 18 holes with this bag…”
  • “…love the little stand… keeps the bag dry during early morning wet rounds…”
  • “… well-designed, extremely lightweight…”
  • “…the padding on the side makes it comfortable to carry…”
  • “…the grab handle is a really convenient feature…”
  • “…this is really a great bag for walkers…”
  • “…this is a well-constructed bag…”
  • “…this is the best option for a light carry bag…”
  • “…this is certainly more than a Sunday bag…”
  • “…very light and compact in your car…”
  • “…ample storage for its size…”
  • “…the strap is super comfy…”


  • The stand is not that strong, so don’t expect that you can use this with your full club set
  • Suited for golfers carrying their bag on the right shoulder

The Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 is loved by users for its awesome features that do not come with a heavy price tag.

If you love walking with less clubs on your bag, the Hyper-Lite 1 is perfect for you! You’ll definitely appreciate the lightness that this bag brings to the table.

Check it out by clicking the image below!

Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Single Strap Pencil Bag

6th TaylorMade Quiver

Checking in at 6th place is the TaylorMade Quiver with a weight of 2.4 pounds (just a shade lighter than the Ping Moonlite and Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 bags).

This bag has a 6” x 6.5”, 2-way top dividers so you could fit just the clubs you need on those quick rounds.

Similar to the Hyper-Lite 1 , the Quiver also features a micro-stand system to keep the bag off the ground.

The bag is made of a lightweight material and is constructed to be crush-resistant so this is not a foldable bag.

It also has a molded base so it has a strong bottom part.

Carrying this bag is made comfortable by the padded single strap and the air mesh padded hip pad.

TaylorMade Quiver

TaylorMade Quiver

TaylorMade Quiver

There are six (6) pockets available for this bag, which includes:

  • Valuables pocket
  • Accessory pocket
  • Garment pocket
  • Beverage pocket
  • Ball pocket
  • Scorecared and  pen sleeve

Other Features:

  • Umbrella Sleeve
  • Towel loop

What Do Users Say About The TaylorMade Quiver?


  • “…this bag is perfect for Sunday golf…”
  • “…love the vibrant colors…”
  • “…this is a well-made bag…”
  • “…lots of pockets!”
  • “…the stand is really convenient…”


  • Not built to hold a full set of clubs
  • Might be a challenge to keep on the shoulder, keeps slipping off

The TaylorMade Quiver is a lightweight carry bag that gives you lots of pockets to put your golf accessories in.

Visit the product page by clicking the image below.

TaylorMade Quiver

5th Wellzher Quantum 2 in 1 & Quantum Lite

In 5th place, we have a tie! Both of these bags are weighing 2.375 pounds. Since they are of the same brand, we have ranked them on the same spot, the Wellzher Quantum 2 in 1 and the Wellzher Quantum Lite.

Check out the table below to look at the different features of these bags.


Wellzher Quantum 2 in 1

Wellzher Quantum Lite

1680 Denier Polyester
1680 Denier Polyester
Length, inches
49 (fits all standard clubs)
Club Capacity
7-9 clubs (including driver)
14 clubs
5" U-Shape (Protective Tube Construction)
7.5", 2 way
4 (including valuables, breathable glove pocket, flex-fit pockets)
5 (including valuables and insulated cooler pocket, flex-fit pockets)
Single (Detachable and adjustable. padded)
Dual shoulder strap (padded)
Other Features
2 in 1 bag with inside detachable tube/collapsible and convertible
Collapsible body for easy storage
Can be strapped down in a golf cart
Does not stand alone
Non-detachable rain cover
User Comments
"...Perfect for travel..."
“…well-made bag…”
“…can almost fit a complete golf clubs set…”
“…not a rigid bag and won’t stand alone…”
Product Page

As you can see, these bags are made of the same material, a 1680 Denier Polyester but they have different features that made them unique to each other.

The Quantum Lite can hold up to 14 clubs while the Quantum 2 in 1 can only hold up to 9 clubs. Although with regards to bag length, the 2 in 1 is way longer than the Lite version.

Whichever you prefer, these bags are really lightweight and will give you an enjoyable walk on the golf course.

4th Titleist Carry Bag

Sitting in 4th place is the Titleist Carry bag with a weight of 2.3 pounds.

This bag has a 2-way top with full-length dividers to organize your clubs.

It has a proprietary strap system that can be converted from dual to single strap. The strap is made of high-density foam so it is really comfortable when you carry the bag.

There are three (3) zippered pockets available in this bag which includes a velour-lined valuables pocket that has a water-resistant zipper.

And to protect your stuff from rain, this bag is provided with a rain hood.

You can check out this golf bag by clicking on the image on the right.

Titleist Carry Bag

Titleist Carry Bag

Titleist Carry Bag

3rd JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

Coming in 3rd is the JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday With Stand & Handle from JEF World of Golf with a weight of two (2) pounds.

It has a 4.25”, 2-way top that can hold up to eight (8) golf clubs. It also has a stand to help you get your clubs easily.

(NOTE: Some users say that six (6) clubs would probably be the max for this bag as the grips gets stuck at the bottom if you have more which makes it hard to pull the clubs out).

Some users put tubes inside the bag to hold the clubs and provide extra stiffness to the bag, great idea!

The top also features a durable carry handle so you can easily grab and maneuver the bag.

There’s a zippered pocket provided that can hold up to ten (10) balls, a corded drink bottle holder and a Velcro glove strip.

There is also an adjustable carry sling to aid you when carrying this bag on the course.

Take note that there is no head cover provided with this bag and don’t expect that this is a full-size golf bag – it is only a Sunday bag!

JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

What Do Users Say About The JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag?


  • “…light as a feather…”
  • “…stand pops out with little effort, very easy to operate…”
  • “…the top handle is pretty convenient…”
  • “…this bag can easily hold 8 clubs, great for practice and driving range…”
  • “…very good and useful bag…”
  • “…this is a compact bag that is good for taking a few clubs to the driving range…”
  • “…this is very convenient in the golf course…”
  • “…just the right size…”
  • “…a great bag for walking…”
  • “…this is perfect for 3-par, 9-hole courses…”
  • “…this bag is well-made, sturdy and easy to carry…”
  • “…good bag for short executive courses…”
  • “…perfect for short game or putting…”


  • “Another pocket would be good”
  • “The position of the strap holders makes the bag very top heavy which could cause the clubs to fell out from the bag”
  • “The stand mechanism broke easily, seems low quality, unstable and flimsy”
  • “The pocket is not that big”
  • “The strap is not padded and the fastening holes are both located near the top”

The Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag from JEF World of Golf has been used by a lot of golfers and found it perfect for short games, executive courses or on the driving range where you only used limited number of clubs.

In saying that, there is a common issue or observation from users about the stand being flimsy and not robust.

If you want to have a look at this bag, CLICK the image below.

JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

2nd Wellzher Nautilus

In 2nd place is the Wellzher Nautilus carry bag with a weight of two (2) pounds.

It weighs the same as the Pitch & Putt in 3rd place but we ranked it higher as it has a better product rating.

The Nautilus is a sporty-looking, stylish Sunday bag from Wellzher. It has an amazing and quite a unique, different design compare to the other bags in this ranking list.

It has molded outside covers and velvet inside layer fabric that provides protection for your clubs.

The bag is made from water-repellent nylon and is the first to have a spiral chambered shell. The shell is composed of four (4) layers made up of non-woven fabric, aluminium coil and PVC which gives the bag an attractive metallic design.

The bottom is also made of four (4) layers composed of a plastic panel, non-woven fabric, 600D Canvas and anti slip leatherette which gives a distinctive style and outstanding support.

Wellzher Nautilus

Wellzher Nautilus

Wellzher Nautilus

Although the size is pretty compact, only 24" x 10" x 4", this bag can hold up to nine (9) clubs and features two (2) premium YKK zippered pockets.

Carrying this bag is also very comfortable and ergonomic as it has a fully adjustable and padded strap that you can setup so that the bag can be carried by hand, on your shoulder or sling across your body.

WATCH the video on the right to have a look at the various features of this one of a kind golf bag.

What Do Users Say About The Wellzher Nautilus?

  • “…this is an awesome bag…”
  • “…this is actually more secure than backpack bags…”
  • “…the built is really sturdy…”
  • “…this is great to put on your back while riding bike…”
  • “…really perfect for a Sunday golf bag…”
  • “…absolutely great for those par-3 courses…”
  • “…well-balance, not top heavy like other Sunday bags…”
  • “…the clubs are secure in this bag…”
  • “…easy to carry, either over the shoulder or cross…”
  • “…very compact and light…”
  • “…this is a nice, beautiful, well-made bag…”

This Wellzher Nautilus is a very highly rated product. Users really appreciate the unique, minimalist design and the outstanding features that this bag present.

View the product page by clicking the image below.

Wellzher Nautilus

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