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If you are looking for a women’s golf bag that provides a lot of functionality and yet has that great look and appeal, the Ogio Majestic Golf Cart bag is the perfect bag for you.

Let us look more closely into what this lady cart bag has to offer so you’ll see why we said that this bag is truly a combination of beauty and functionality.

Let us look at the bag’s features first and then we’ll look at the beauty side of it in the latter part of this article.

Bag Features – Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag


This bag has a big 10-inch, 15-way divider top opening with a putter pit that is constructed to fit even those oversized grips.

The individual dividers for each club are constructed in such a way that they go down far enough so it does not come out with the club.

Separation and protection for your club is super easy using this bag. Even if you have a full set of clubs, there’s plenty of room for everything.

No more loose clubs as every club would have a home – organizing your clubs has never been easier with this cart bag!

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

15-Way Top Divider

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP)


The total available pockets for the Ogio Majestic is eight (8) in which seven (7) are zippered. The other pocket that is not zippered is the ball pocket.

The Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP) features a spring technology so you can reach in and grab a ball quickly and easily.

There are other pockets available for the following as well:

  • Internal isolation chamber wet/dry pocket
  • Insulated zippered cooler pocket
  • Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket for your sensitive stuff
  • Pen sleeve and divot tool sleeve (keeps your small items from getting lost)

Another good thing about the pockets on this bag is that all of them are front-facing which makes them easily accessible while the bag is on cart. With the number of pockets available, the Majestic Cart Bag offers plenty of room for all your golfing gear and essentials.


When it comes to handling, this bag is also pretty easy. As the bottom part is provided with cart strap channels, you can securely strap the bag onto the golf cart.

An ingenious style that users like about the cart strap is that it goes under the pockets which make a nice and tidy setup.

The bag is not that heavy, about 5.9 pounds, so if you prefer to carry the bag, it is also possible and comfortable with the deluxe padded shoulder strap.

On the cart or on your shoulder, either way, you can show off your style in the field with this great-looking bag.

Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag

Bottom Part Cart Strap

Style and Fashion

The Majestic Golf Cart bag is beautifully designed with classic lines and touches of the OGIO elegance. It is curvaceous and sleek with an attractive and fashionable color which makes it stand out and noticeable from other bags.

Users Comments and Reviews


Users love the following aspects of the Ogio Majestic cart bag:

  • Lots of pockets and compartments – great to arrange all golf gears and other personal stuff
  • The 15-way top makes it easy to organize clubs
  • The Zipperless (easy access) ball pocket is pretty convenient
  • Beautiful colors – Users love the various colors
  • Easy to pick-up for older ladies
  • Easy to distinguish from other bags


  • Some users say that the two valuables pockets are a bit small in size
  • Only one ring available for the towel

Although there are some users that mentioned some things they didn’t like about this bag, the overall user rating of the Majestic cart bag is indeed very high which means most users find this bag absolutely great.

Summary & Conclusion

The Ogio Majestic Golf Cart Bag is a gorgeous-looking bag with a stylish and sleek appearance. The charming color also adds to its beauty and overall presentation.

With the big 15-way top divider and the eight (8) pockets available, organizing your club and other golf essentials is made easy by the Ogio Majestic Golf Cart bag. There will always be room for everything with this bag.

With all the awesome features of this cart bag together with the eye-catching aesthetics, it is ideal for lady golfers who prefer a combination of function and stylish fashion – we highly recommend you check it out if you’re planning to buy one.

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Just in case you don’t prefer the Ogio brand for whatever reason, you can check out our article about the other popular ladies golf bags. You might find some golf bags there that would suit your preference.

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